Casual Elegance: Work from the Mandarina Interior Design Studio


It’s been awhile since I’ve landed on a design portfolio from and interior design studio that I’ve wanted to share.  So, I was excited when I found Mandarina Interior Design Studio.  Yes, the images below show these homes on their best, most tidy days, but they serve as beautiful inspiration.

LOVE this, and I try to use love sparingly in posts.  Our master bedroom is painted lavender and has an oriental rug in it, and I really like how the reds and blues pair with the lavender.  These walls are more pink but you still get the same effect between the colors.

Yes, that wallpaper is super cool – but so are the marble tile floors.  Wowza.

Those curtains and blue wall color with that vintage over-dyed rug?  Genius.  And painting the chairs white helps balance the wood tones of the parquet floors, wood fireplace surround, and traditional wood dining table.  I need to be bolder and start using more jewel tones, I tend to play it safe with pastels.

I’m envious of those leaded windows.  The modern Suzani upholstered bench cushion and graphic area rug set off the classic moulding and old wood floors.

Many times I have gotten questions for advise on how to deal with a lot of wood moulding and wainscoting.  Homeowners want to preserve the historic integrity of their home, but also don’t want to feel like they live in a drab outdated home.  This foyer strikes a lovely balance between modern and original by keeping the floors, banisters, and stairs in their traditional wood tones, while painting the wainscoting a fresh white.

I know it’s very unrealistic, but wow I love how clutter-free this place is!  I hate walking in my front door to a pile of mail, shoes in the doorway, and a laptop bag on the floor.  (I doubt my husband is reading this, but just incase)

Soothing lavender is a great color for a bedroom.  Surprisingly, my husband suggested it for ours and we both love it.

Now that I have a baby I’m a sucker for sweet nurseries.  This color is close to the light blue we chose for Leo’s nursery.  The playful pattern of the roman shade is perfect.

The wallpaper in this nursery is so sweet.  Yellow is such a nice, cheerful color for the little ones.

What do you think of these interiors by Mandarina Interior Design Studio?


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