Small Kitchen love: fantastic galley kitchens


My kitchen isn’t a galley but it is small.  And I love it.  Everything is close at hand and very efficient.  Since I don’t have extraneous storage space, I don’t have extraneous possessions cluttering up dark corners of cabinets I rarely open.

Love all the pops of color and the herringbone backsplash!

Keeping as much of your counter surface clear is really important when it is limited.

The wide plank floors and exposed brick is a nice contrast with the modern cabinets and appliances.  Because the cabinetry on the left side is white, it really visually opens the space up a bit.

Loving the wood counter.  And check out the vertical wine storage to the left.  If you can keep cabinets tidy, class front cabinets will add depth to a narrow space and reflect light.

This galley kitchen has a grandeur to it that doesn’t make it seem small at all.

These owners embraced small and intimate with dark tile floors, moody lighting, and slate gray walls.

All images via Domino


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