Get More Natural Light

Natural light is something almost all of us crave. Our bodies literally love to soak up the sun, but how do we get more of when we are stuck indoors?
Love door with glass to bring in all natural light. Too tight walkway though:
Besides the obvious add more windows, consider replacing your door with something that will let the natural light in.
whitewash brick Industrial Dining Room Designs London brick wall distressed wood industrial pendant light natural lighting pendant light reclaimed wood skylight white dining chair whitewashed brick wall wood ceiling beams wood dining table wood floor:
via homecol
If the thought of glass and doors combined isn’t your thing, imagine where you could put a skylight! This will give you the privacy and safety you are after will still flooding your home with natural light.
Bed Bath and Beyond $500 Gift Card!:
For those of you who can’t just add a window to a ceiling, there is always the amazing trick of mirrors. Mirrors do an amazing job of reflecting light. Place a mirror right across from where sun comes in and watch your room brighten.
White bathroom, free standing tub, monogrammed towel, grey floor tile, glass shower, pendant lighting above tub | Lilli Design:
Natural light and bathrooms have always had a tug of war between brightness and privacy. My favorite way to add natural light in a bathroom is high windows! Then the added feature of mirrors reflecting the natural light again.
Olive tree in the livingroom, natural light undisturbed by blinds:
The most simple way to add extra natural light? Make sure your windows are clean and if you haven’t considered it, you can always look into replacing your windows. There are so many new styles and designs that can give you the more natural light you crave.
How will you add more natural light to your home?


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