A modern minimalist home that is also cozy!


A minimal interior that’s also cozy seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but it is possible.  And a space that manages to pull it off is ultimately much healthier.  It’s been proven – less clutter, less stress.

A key element in a minimal style home is clean lines.  There is no rules that clean lines need to be straight lines with hard corners.  The curved lines of the sofa and the arm chair create a sort of symmetry that lets the eye relax.

Carefully edited knick knacks and books create less opportunities for dust to settle, and makes cleaning easier.  If you have a lot of sentimental objects you like to keep displayed, then rotate them so you get to enjoy them but keep your space minimal.


Angular planes of the pendant are more restful to the eye than an ornate chandelier.  The panoramic window creates a tranquil landscape effect.

The entry is very important too to your homes health.  A stoop that is easy to keep clean means less dirt being brought into the home.

More proof that minimal can be cozy!  Tailored throw pillows make the living room warm and inviting without extra “fluff”


I’ve been working on moving more and more items off of my counter tops.  It makes food prep much easier, counter top cleaning much easier, and cleaner visually.  Obviously, I can’t stress the importance of keeping your home clean.  Most of our exposures come from dust, and even knowing this I am not vigilant about dusting.  If you have the means I highly recommend a service like Snapclean.

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