Genius SMALL kitchens


Living in NYC, I’m well practiced in making a small kitchen work.  Pegboards, pull-out countertop extensions, I’ve done it all.  Here are some exciting kitchens that prove small can be pretty and functional.

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It’s no secret that in any small room you have to think vertically.  You really can’t have too many shelves and hooks.

Small spaces require more organization and more discipline when it comes to putting things in there place.  The results are a beautifully efficient space.
Small Organized Kitchen
Don’t forget that small appliances can go on shelves.  In my small DC condo kitchen I kept my microwave on a shelf I mounted or else I would have had no counter space!
A shelf with hooks provides storage for pots and pans, and a narrow surface at the end of the kitchen provides extra prep area and eating space

Keep counters as clear as possible.  This practice has multiple benefits, including more prep area, easier cleaning, making your kitchen look more spacious, etc.

Are there any tips that you have for making the most of a small kitchen?

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