Great indoor plants to consider!

One of the things I love the most about spring and summer is the fresh air and green everywhere! In order to keep that going through the fall and winter, I bring the green inside with indoor plants. Here are a few that I recommend.
4 Best Plants For The Great Indoors:
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The Fiddle leaf fig is one of my favorites. It’s so whimsical and fairy easy to care for. It needs filtered light, so keeping it by a window is a great idea and the soil loves to stay wet. Just a quick glance at the soil will let you know if it needs more water or not. 
Simple raw wooden shelf:
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Succulents are my second favorite! They come in all different shapes and sizes and are a great small way to ease yourself into indoor plants. They need a lot of light, but can get burned if they are too close to a window. Keeping them next to a window but not on a window sill is my suggestion! Since succulents are dormant in the winter they don’t need much water. Once every two weeks is good enough!
Herbs! Some herbs are better than others at keeping indoors during the winter. Some of the better herbs are oregano, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and chives! Most of them need 4-6 hours of sunlight and most of them need water when the soil is dry except chives I would suggest twice a week.
best house plants - Snake Plant - yes! I sooo agree! I started with one, now have 6 and have killed everything else1:
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Snake Plant! This beautiful think is a great indoor plant. It removes toxins from your home that you use in cleaning products and more. It loves low light and humidity so if you have room in your bathroom, it would love it there! 
My new absolute favorite is this water lily! This will be on my desk this year. Hardy dwarf water lilies do the best indoors. They need tons of light! The sunniest room would be the best option and you’ll just need to keep the water filled at least two inches under the container you choose.
What indoor plants do you love?
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