Comfortable Casual Spaces

Today I just feel like being comfy and cozy and want my home to feel the same way! Here’s some inspiration for making your home feel a little more comfy:
Blankets and pillows are a must for me!
Less clutter and more warmth. Natural light, fresh flowers, and something you love. Keep it simple.
This picturesque porch was made for glasses of iced tea and shooting the breeze on summer evenings. Black rockers echo the home's dark trim and connote throwback comfort in a slightly more modern silhouette, amplified by ikat pillows in black and white.:
via bhg
Even your outdoor space can feel comfortable! Make it a place you’d love to curl up and watch the world go by.
It might seem difficult to make a formal dining room comfy but it can be done. It can be as simple as a rug on the to give it that soft texture.
If the kitchen is your sanctuary, let it be! Make room for you where you are the most comfortable. 
What part of your house is the place you go when you need comfort? Let me know in the comments below!


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