Rooms That Instantly Calm

Sometimes you just want to walk into a room and feel instantly calm and relaxed. By the looks of these room, that is exactly how I am feeling:
I don’t know if it’s the clean look, the elegant drapes, or the cozy chair, but this room is definitely calming to me.
The tub is almost 25 inches high, so you can completely submerge your body. Gray Bathroom by Erin Paige Pitts.
I would say most bathrooms are difficult to make serene since it tends to get a cold hard feeling when you walk in. They can be beautiful and stunning but serene is a tough one to master.
neutral calming master bedroom beige cream tufted headboard bed
I love the use of neutrals in a bedroom. It’s pleasing to the eye and calming to the heart. I also love when there isn’t that fear of playing with the darker neutrals in a bedroom. It is a place where you sleep, so darker colors are welcoming here. 
Frisches Weiß ist ein wahres Kombinationstalent. So einfach bringt ihr damit helle Akzente in eure vier Wände.
via elle
My tip for a serene living area is to go with the mindset of simple. The less clutter, the less distraction, the more serene and comfortable.
Who wouldn’t want a calming bedroom for the baby? I can imagine this room with a cozy chair for rocking a little one to sleep.
What makes you feel serene?


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