Stunned by Steel

My first reaction to steel windows and doors wouldn’t necessarily be a positive one, but I have recently changed my mind! My love for natural, white, crisp and clean just opened up a little.
Sophisticated Notting Hill Town House - 2 storey game changing windows
Steel windows are gorgeous! They are simple and stunning. I am surprised at how versatile they are.
What I imagine when I hear steel is industrial. It makes me think cold, dark, and hard. Lately I’ve been seeing them used in a different light.
This is a great change in my point of view of steel. If you have a great garden or view these windows and doors can create a great sense of indoor outdoor style you might be looking for. The same style can be applied to steel sheds in your garden. The Armstrong steel building cost is very reasonable and you can use them as home extensions. The steel frames also make them aesthetically compatible with modern style.
They can be used in different ways. I would have never thought to use doors for a shower but they look perfect in this bathroom!
I’m also impressed with how many different home styles I have seen use them. They really are magnificent!


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