Making a galley kitchen work!

For those of us who love to cook, we tend to look down at a galley kitchen as a non-functional environment. Here are a few ways you can make a galley kitchen work for you!
For the long galley kitchens, consider taking away some of the upper cabinets so it doesn’t feel as cramped. Maximize your storage and minimize your items to only the necessities. You might also consider getting a hutch in your dinning room to hold the extras. 
galley kitchen -  narrow width, door at end and store cupboard
Keep it clean! Make sure the counter tops are cleaned off and there’s nothing in the way of the floor. It will make your walkway look bigger and give you a roomier feeling.
Keep it well lit! A bright kitchen is a happy kitchen. Natural light is always a better option but if you can’t get that, any lighting will work. Make it feel bright and airy!
Small footprint but the stud height creates a sense of space.  Like the white and wood together.
via nytimes
If you can, open up one wall to make it feel more open and easier for entertaining. 
How would you decorate your galley kitchen?


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