Our favorite DIY projects – I guarantee these will inspire


I’ve spent a while gathering up my favorite DIY projects for around the home.  Some are quick and easy, some are more involved.  The winter is a great time to tackle a lot of these since you are stuck in the house anyway.  Just make sure that if you do any requiring paint, chemicals, etc., that you have proper ventilation – and have fun!

Curtains aren’t cheap, and if you like to change them up frequently, your wallet can really take a hit.  I wanted ikat curtains but didn’t want to cough up the bucks, so I eventually found a great deal on fabric and sewed them.  Another great option is to buy some cheap curtains (or twin flat sheets from walmart) and paint them.  I love the ones above.  See how to do it here.

See how to do it here.

via Buzzfeed via Apartment Therapy

Hide your unsightly router in decorative boxes or cut out an old book.  I love this idea because I hate my router being in plain site.  I would make the ventilation holes in the back of the boxes larger though, and make sure that in the beginning you check the router frequently to make sure it’s not overheating.

 I also hate a clutter of devices on my desk or counter charging.  Creating a charging drawer is such a clever idea.  Learn how here.

You can use the same concept for a printer, though it may be harder to find a drawer large enough.  Can you tell I don’t like electrical clutter?  Learn how here.

Since we just opened up up living room and dining room into one open space, we are going to have to paint.  Our ceilings are quite low, and I’ve heard that half-painting a wall or leaving white stripe at the top gives the illusion of higher ceilings.  Thoughts? via At Home In Love

Old, ugly doors? Tell me about it – my house is full of them.  I’ve been looking for some ways to spruce them up.  See how here.

This is a great one.  Make a tiled mirror like one seen in Pottery Barn for $10 with supplies from the dollar store.  See how here

Paint those old vinyl floors?  I have to admit, the results look amazing, but this one is obviously more involved, and you would want to research how durable it is before taking on all the work.  Learn how here.

What do you think?  Interested in trying any of these out?


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