How to Incorprate Wood Crates in your Home Decor


Wood crates are a timeless item to have in your home and can be used in so many ways I can only touch on a few or this post would be enormous! Here are a few of my favorite ways they have been used to create extra storage and look amazing at the same time.

DIY Coffee Table. You can buy these crates at any craft store.    Regardless of whether your an artist or creative, I refuse to pay 500+ for a new coffee table. My first thought was making a pallet coffee table. Pallets are free and with a few scrapes of wood you could throw it together fairly easy. BUT, everyone's doing that now, so I had to find
via yapins
The wood crate coffee table! My favorite part of this specific one is that they added wheels to the bottom to make it mobile. This is a great way to add storage and keep a handy place to set things down on as well.
wood crate shelves estantes madera cajas manzana
Wood crate bookcases have been a huge hit and I agree. They are a great way to create shelving and there are so many ways you can stack them to create the look you are going for. 
This is one of the most creative ways I’ve seen crates used! This island is something I would have never expected but I absolutely love it. The crates are gorgeous.
Pallet wood crate purchased on Etsy! | (( ALL THE THINGS ON THIS POST!!! ))
Goodbye are the wicker baskets, in are the crates! This a great storage solutions for blankets pillows, or just the clutter that happens in the living room!
Have open shelving but need a little extra hidden storage? Crates are perfect for that! 
How would you use a crate for storage?


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