Going Modern in the Bathroom


Most would assume that going modern in a bathroom would make it look even more cold and sterile than it already does, but they haven’t seen all the options yet!

Elegant and Dynamic Atmosphere on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast
The right lighting can make any room feel warm and plants get it a fresh look that bring a sense of comfort and color to the room.
This modern floating vanity provides tons of useful storage space! More of our favorite bathroom upgrades: http://www.bhg.com/bathroom/remodeling/planning/our-favorite-bathroom-upgrades/?socsrc=bhgpin052513floatingvanities=1
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Using neutral colors along with the modern materials can give it that warm feeling you are looking for paired with some great mirrors makes it even brighter. I love that tile!
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Even with the darker tones for a more manly bathroom doesn’t have to look cold and miserable. It still looks modern and sleek with a hint of color and I love it! 
There are some great vanity and shower tub options that are on Modern Bath that can help you match these looks.
There's a couple of things I like about this room: large round mirror; the vintage wall hung vanity echoes the journey to all of the modern interpretations we see today, but is one of a kind - and those timber tones in a bathroom - sensational.
You could even mix the modern with the vintage for a completely different look! It’s a great mix of new and old that comes to life when it’s together.


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