Highpoint Market Preview

I’m so excited to show off some of Global View’s High Point Market’s preview’s today! Their furniture trends are always on point and this season’s preview isn’t any different.

They are going with the color theme Copper, Ink, and Camel which I think is so fitting for fall and winter this year. Check out some of the amazing things they are offering:

Absolutely love this set up, there are so many pieces here I’d easily take home with me if I could!
For one this lamp is gorgeous! I love how simple it is and could go in any room but it’s glamorous enough to shine!
These colors just coordinate so well together!
These vases would be perfect for so many rooms in my house. A touch of gold is an amazing way to brighten up a room.
Don’t be afraid to go bold either! 
Displaying GV-HighPoint_Save-the-date (1).jpg
If you want to see more, head on over to the preview & breakfast!


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