Kitchen Trends


Some of my favorite kitchen trends seem to come and go, but most of them always come back! Here are a few things my dream kitchen must have:

A must have is an island! I absolutely love the thought of an island in a kitchen, and especially one that stands out a little like this with the dark wood counter top. 
What a great undermounted, farm style sink when paired with the countertops and cabinet styles.
There’s something about a farmhouse sink that makes me smile. I love under mounted sinks to begin with but I love the function of them as well as the look!

Another must have is a large gorgeous hood! I may not be a professional cook but in my dream kitchen there would be a large hood that makes a statement.
Seriously...why is this not the norm?
And last but not least, a must have is great storage! There’s no point in having a luxurious kitchen if I can’t easily find everything I need. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, and such an inspiration! Love how tiles is back! It gives such cool look to your home! Personally, I’m a big fan of the terracotta files, especially the Italian design and quality! You should go check it out!


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