The Art of Buying Original Art

Buying art can be a little more complicated than just falling in love with a piece and hanging it up! You may find that when you bring home that “gotta have it” piece that it doesn’t fit in the space you want it in or it isn’t great standing on it’s own. 
Here are a few hints to help with the buying process:

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If you can, visualize it before you buy it. Go shopping knowing what size wall you are trying to fill so you can get a feel for what size of piece of art you are looking for. Pick out a few colors that you know will work great in the room and if you have a specific color you are looking for bring an item that matches it so you can tie it all together.

Add Color with Art

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Buy local to support your local artists! Not only does this give the art you bring into your home a story worth telling but you are supporting your neighbors. It will give you another reason to love it!


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Remove the anxiety around pricing and realize that you can find a great, good size piece of art for under $1,000 but even for $100. If you have a budget you need to stick to then keeping within that price is important but finding that perfect piece could be as simple as $50 and be priceless to you.

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Use the tools you have! Now with the power of mobility we can take a picture of our space and bring it with us art shopping or take a picture of that piece and bring the picture home to see it works where you want it (not all places will allow that). There are also places online that will take a photo of you room and place pieces of art in it to see if it’s a perfect match.

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There is no better way to make your own than an original piece of art that provides originality and a great story when hosting your friends. If you are looking for ideas of places to shop there’s an awesome place called Vango that makes this process so much easier! When in doubt, remember the golden rule: buy what you like


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