Small Kitchen Inspiration and Ideas for adding space


Working within a small space is a hard job, especially in a kitchen when you love to cook! There are some really creative ways to work in a small kitchen and one of them is a small island. Sometimes you just need that extra work space and it can make a huge difference, and also look pretty awesome.  I have also found that once I get my small kitchen organized, it can actually be easier to cook in because everything is within an arm’s reach!

An island is an obvious solution and for good reason.  They can add surface/work space and storage underneath.  And these days, you have your pick when it comes to island style, size, etc.

I don’t think the island has to match your cabinetry, but I do like them to be tied into at least one other element in the space, like this island does the hood.

Keep it clean and sleek looking and it will help keep the small space from looking cluttered. Dress it up with a vase and flowers when you have company over.
Buy one with wheels so it can roll away if you need it to! Some kitchen’s need that extra work space but it’s not convenient to have around all the time.  We actually have this exact same island from Ikea and it’s going strong 4 years later.


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