Make The Most Out Of Your Closet


Spring cleaning can get to the best of us sometimes and when it feels just a bit too overwhelming sometimes I like to start small! A closet is a great place to get a great amount done but it not take too long to accomplish.

We could do something low-profile like this in our bedroom. Couple of doors and bingo!

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Try pulling everything out of your closet, sorting it into piles of keep, donate, and trash. Sort your keep pile into sections on a table or floor of how you would organize it. Plan it out to fit the size of your closet so you don’t have any extra bulk in the way.

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Figure out what you need in your closet to function for the stuff it’s going to contain. Do you need more shelf space, more drawers, a few buckets, or more space to hang things? Do a quick drawing of how you’d like it to look so you know you are putting everything in the right place and not missing any essential pieces.

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Sometimes it can be a quick run to the store to get what you need, other times you’ll need to think about custom fits for your closet to make it work but either way the closet needs to function for you so customizing it is a great option. Since most closet storage items are not that expensive and most closets aren’t large enough to get to pricey, this is a great budget friendly place to start as well.

Use a towel rod on the inside of the linen closet for holding blankets.

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Once you’ve updated your closet to fit your needs, put everything inside and enjoy the glory of your new organized closet. Want to keep that amazing? Don’t put anything new in the closet without taking something else out. Make sure you keep a balance of items and space in the closet or every time you go to get something out it will be a big ordeal.


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