Windows That Make A Statement


The right windows can make a room feel warmer, cleaner, larger, or more luxurious! Natural light gives a room something most indoor lighting can’t match.  I appreciate natural light most in the morning, when it makes waking up a little brighter, and in the evening when it fills the house with golden light. Check out the windows that are making a statement in these rooms:

Clean lines & calming curves.

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A sunny oasis! All that natural light really makes you want to get up and make the most of the day.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Dana's Yellowtrace Sydney Apartment. 8/31/2012 via @Gilda Locicero Therapy

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I love this little nook of windows. A great space for a little kitchen table or maybe even a great book and a comfy chair!

Non traditional windows really give the room a modern, or historical look. This room feels so grandiose and industrial chic with floor to ceiling windows.
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I love the detail in these windows. This is a great mix of historical and modern. Such a unique decorative touch.

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