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I don’t really focus on decor for kids because I don’t have any yet, but now that so many of my friends are having little ones, I love seeing what they come up with for the nurseries.  Here are some little person spaces that I just love.

How gorgeous is this space?  

I feel like people are putting more thought into children’s rooms these days. The fun part about decorating a kid’s room is you can be unabashedly cute or themed, something we can’t really do in the other rooms in our home.

via Kidsomania

Give your little girl a dream hideout where she can read or play house. I would have adored this cubby bed as a little kid!

This beautiful and cozy nursery makes it just as nice for mommy or daddy to spend time in as it does for baby.
via Pinterest via Project Nursery

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If you have a really small room and need to maximize the space as much as possible there are a lot of modular bed/desk/dresser pieces out there.  I found this multipurpose bunk on this website and I love the idea of having a work space, a reading space, and a sleeping space!

via Kidsomania

Do you know any little people with super cool rooms?

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