Living Room Must Haves


Our living room is the first thing one sees upon walking through our front door. Since moving in in June, we’ve made some progress making it ours, but it’s slow going since we’re still trying to decide exactly what it is we’re going for. We have a small sofa now, which I like, but I’ve been considering a sectional because our current sofa isn’t really comfortable for those late nights snuggling on the couch. I used to not like sectionals at all, but more and more you’re finding them in smaller sizes with cleaner lines.

Some of my favorite sofas are the ones that look clean and modern but still have a great comfort factor!

I’ve also been faithfully searching craigslist every day for a worn leather chair.  I think they’re so beautiful!

via One Kings Lane

A coffee table that is both useful and stunning is another must have, though we’ve been living without one for 3 years, so I guess they’re more like a “should have”. I’ve been looking out for one that I like for a while now.  A coffee table is something you don’t need to splurge on, and there are so many creative ways to create your own coffee table.  Just search on google or pinterest “DIY Coffee Table” and you’ll see hundreds of ideas returned!

Lighting is also extremely important. A lot of natural light is ideal but unfortunately might not be a reality for you. Since the living room is the main gathering room at most homes, you want it to be the most well lit when occupied, so make sure you have plenty of lamps.

Overhead lighting makes me sad.  Table lamps are pretty and cast a more relaxed glow so use those on end tables instead, or place a floor lamp behind a couch for the nights you curl up with a book.

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