Escape to a historic garden home in the UK


Right now they are repointing the brick in my apartment building, and the never-ending grinding noise is UNbearable. What I wouldn’t do for a little silence!  At least I can virtually escape.  One thing I like to do is do property searches for country chalets, manors, and garden cottages throughout the UK and Europe.  I’m always able to find some charming little (and big) property that looks like it’s been plucked right out of Pride & Prejudice.  I just delve into the photos and try to imagine what it’d be like to spend the summer there. I used Savills today, and they have an amazing array of dream properties.

Here are two properties I discovered this afternoon.

The first, Clapton Mill, used to be a Paper Mill, and has STUNNING grounds, and even a room in the home where you can view the waterfall that running under the home.


Another gem I found is a Georgian property in a secluded village setting…just the description makes me feel a little better!

I’d spend most of my time outside and in this bright studio

I’d take my high tea out in the garden…I don’t know how proper that is though…

What do you think of these homes – how long would you like to retreat in them?

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