My spring wishlist!


My apartment is still in cold weather mode, and could really use a little spring pep-up and some brighter color.  Here are a few things I just added to my list.

These pillows would be AMAZING on my couch or my bed…

This really pretty console table is on sale for only $186!  – A great choice if you love nature and organic shapes, but you aren’t into full-on rustic decor.

I’ve had my eye on these tables for awhile – they’re chic and I haven’t seen them before.  I just don’t think I have space for them right now…bummer.

I’ve always loved the lines of this chair.
What changes, if any, do you do to pep up your home for spring and the warmer months ahead?

PS:  If you like what you see here – it’s all on sale at HauteLook.  If you’re a member – go to their home section for these sales, if you aren’t a member – you can use my link (it’s fast and free to sign up).


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