Fresh and inspiring home offices


As some of you know, I work as a freelance web designer. Working for oneself definitely has it’s perks, but with it comes a lot more responsibilities, as you are accountable for everything. I am always extremely busy, which I enjoy, but last week I was drowning, and spent most nights up until 3:30 AM to meet my deadlines.

Paramount to working from home is having a home office and work space that is extremely comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone has different work styles, and the furnishings and layout you choose will depend on that and the type of work you do.

A lot of desk surface is a MUST for me
via 91 Mag

Inspiring artwork is always good for when you’re having a creative block.
via Small Space Style

This office is probably closest to my own, except I have to have one of those ugly office chairs in order to be comfortable.  I also need a very large monitor for my work.
via Adore Home Mag

A little chest of drawers helps organize smaller supplies and various cords we need for all of our gadgets these days.
via Bolig

I keep magazines for reference, and have several shelves dedicated to storing them.
via Heart Home

via Rue Magazine

via Southern Living

 I’m interested to know, what is essential for you in your home office?


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