The beautiful and interesting portfolio of Amsterdamn design firm Uxus


Can you believe that this artistic white dining room is in a 1930’s hunting lodge in Connecticut?
 The chairs are a nod to the residence’s past.

The bedroom is also modern and white.

A beautiful, artsy loft in Amsterdam.  Notice the bedroom behind the curtains?  You can see a larger view by clicking the image.

The painted headboard is such a pretty substitution for a headboard.

The two above are from a Spanish farmhouse.  The dining chairs are actually all different, but being the same color unifies them.

I really like the pairing here of fancy wallpaper and clean-lined, rustic furniture.

The concept for the images of the townhouse (3 images above) was “Victorian Jetsons.” The home is Victorian, but the couple had an extensive modern art and furniture collection.  I think Uxus did a great job at fusing the two styles.  I especially like the use of wallpaper throughout the rooms.

Like what you see?  Go to Uxus to see/read more.


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