The enchanting victorian home in Practical Magic


I own the movie Practical Magic, I like the story, but mostly THE HOUSE.  If you haven’t seen it, these pics will convince you to grab a copy and watch it ASAP. The house is truly magical.

The house, which was actually built on a platform because the site is a protected Indian burial ground, and no digging is allowed. The house is empty on the inside, and was taken down after filming. The interior was all sets in LA. Though the book takes place in New England, the house was built in San Juan Park in Washington, where the weather is better for filming.

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You don’t see it in the film – but there was actually a small cottage built on the site as well!

sketches and inspiration board for the house
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The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home and where they spend the most time

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The potion room/pantry
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The dining room
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The parlor set
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One day I’ll have an antique leather chair like this
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The attic is one of my favorite spaces in the house

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Along with the attic, my favorite room is the conservatory, with all the herbs and glass vessels.

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What do you think of the house? If you’ve seen the movie/read the book, do you think the house was a successful interpretation of the Owen sister’s sanctuary?

If this post has piqued your interest in Victorian homes, I really recommend this article on Victorian Style Houses. It summaries a Victorian’s distinct and timeless characteristics and it’s main features. The article also runs down the different types of Victorian style houses – I didn’t even know there were different types of Victorian style houses!


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