To have a space for dreaming and solitude…


You know how some people get all of their energy from being around other people, and how other people need “alone time” to energize? Well, I’m definitely one of the later. I grew up on an almost 200 acre farm on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, so being alone and outside was a part of my daily life and something I really took for granted. Obviously, living in NYC for 3 years I never experienced that, and though I loved it – I never truly felt unwound. I have found a happy in between where I am now, but looking at these gorgeous retreats makes me long for a hidden spot in nature where I can go and decompress.

What do you do or where do you go when you need to decompress and unwind?

so, so, so pretty



a retreat in Sri Lanka…

and in France
1 -3 via Pinterest  4-5 via Richard Powers


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