Glamorous and Green


Once I own a home I hope to make it as green as I possible can. Luckily, “greenifying” your home no longer means uglifying it, and technology is coming down in price everyday. I’ve noticed many progressive cities are getting more and more green restorations in historic homes, like this one in Toronto. Enjoy!

The owner didn’t want to rip out the authentic stained glass windows, so she added extra glazing on the exterior to improve energy efficiency… so beautiful.

Furnishings are mostly vintage and/or antique and refurbished/reupholstered when necessary.

oh I do love that rug

Here are 5 green things the owners did to improve the space:

1. Complete Geothermal Retrofit
2. Replaced windows and doors for high efficiency versions
3. Added Insulation
4. Used Zero VOC paints
5. Furnished with antique and vintage furniture

Not too shabby huh?
via Pure Green Magazine


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