Spring is on it’s way! 10 great tips to freshen up the place at little to no cost


These clever and thoughtful tips come to you from Beverly Hills interior designer David Solomon. I didn’t know residents of the Hills needed budget tips – but David has some great ones nonetheless! To see David’s portfolio go to his site.

1. Paint is your best friend
One of the most affordable options as a homeowner is to paint a room. Try picking a theme or choose a color and build your room around the mood of the color.

The dusky blue paint in this entryway sets the tone for this home – you get a sense that it will have a historic, eclectic, and mature feel.
via Maison Interiør

2. Stick to a theme.
What do you call a Japanese, Victorian, and Modern theme? Answer: a college dorm. Try to stick to a basic theme and work with that design.

3. Use visual cues.
Most people ignore very innate physical attributes of a home. Arched doorways are good for a Spanish theme. Crowned molding works well with Victorian and Art Deco styles. Wainscoting on walls can work with a country theme. Solid walls work well with modern.

The decorator here took a cue from the elegant molding and created a luxe sitting room
via Scandinavian Chic

4. Furniture makes a statement about the room.
One of the biggest investments you can make can be the furniture you purchase for a room, however, try to repurpose existing furniture or try using simple chairs with matching table to create a theme.

This room could have gone in many directions but this unique table and the patina of the wood sets the tone as rustic and traditional
via BoligDrøm

5. Take a peek under the carpet
If you own an older home, chances are you are covering hard wood floors with that 70’s shag carpet. If you own a new home don’t be afraid to pull the carpet and put down wood laminate. Engineered wood has never been more affordable.

6. Put down an area rug.
Area rugs can be purchased for as little as $200 and give a room a very expensive look. Carpet remnants make for excellent area rugs. See local Carpet store.

via My Marrakesh

7. Ditch the overhead chandelier for wall sconces
Lighting is the oldest trick in the book to make a room pop; just ask Hollywood filmmakers. Get creative while sticking to the theme. Create a modern room by hiding the light source or create a Victorian feel by putting wall sconces on a light fader.

8. Less is more
Most people believe that every square inch needs to be filled in a room but emptiness is a statement in itself. Don’t be afraid to leave a wall void of furniture.

9. Use accessories.
One of the least expensive ways to add color to a room with white walls is to add red pillows. Pillows, throw rugs, candles, paintings, photos, and flowers can make mild into wild.

via Casa Diez

10. Add a plant
One of the best ways to make a room feel like a living space is to add living plants, like a tall leafy plant in one corner, or just get some fresh seasonal flowers for the table.

via Alice in Designland


Any change you make will add to your overall curb appeal and ultimately to the value of your home. Keep in mind that outdoor improvements such as foliage, plants, and bushes take a long time to grow so plan ahead.


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