Which magazine featured this house best? A fun election!

Can we all give a hallelujah to the end of political ads? I wish there was a rule that in political ads candidates could only talk about the positive things they’ve done and want to do- and NOT mention any other candidates!
So, I thought I’d have a fun election. We have the same house – the home of the folks who run Indenfor & Udenfor, featured by 7 different publications. I want you to vote which magazine featured the home best. You can click on each image for a larger view.

The above 6 are from Vtownen, Holland, February 2006

The four images above are from Skona Hem, Sweden, 2003

These 5 are from a Japanese article, “Lives with the Scandinavian Tools”

These 5 are as seen in Henne, Norway, October 2002

The above 6 from Elle Decoration, UK, January 2005

These 5 are from Case de Abitare, Italy, November 2003

The above four are from Bolig Magasinet, April 2003, Denmark
So, who gets your vote?
A. Vtwonen
B. Skona Hem
C. Japan “Lives with the Scandinavian Tools
D. Henne
E. Elle Decoration UK
F. Casa de Abitare
E. Bolig Magasinet
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!
all images via Idenfor & Udenfor


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