Got a small kitchen in which to prepare Thanksgiving? Here are some really great ideas!


I found this gallery on Better Homes and Gardens, and I wanted to share with you my favorite ideas! Hope you see something inspiring!

I always have lots of hooks on hand because they are a life saver in kitchens. NYC apartments have maybe 4 cabinets on average, though I’ve dealt with less, and having items hanging from the walls is VERY handy, and makes for a nice cottage look.

Flea market finds like the section of iron fence, or the grate as a pot rack, make for inexpensive DIY projects.

Instructions for the image above – I’m a huge fan of using jars (after all – you buy the spaghetti sauce, eat-it, and then your left with a handy organizational system)

-“Adapt an idea from the garage workbench, but instead of storing nails, nuts, and bolts, store coffee beans or other goodies. Collect identical glass jars with screw-top lids (spaghetti sauce jars, for example) and screw the lids to the underside of a wood shelf. Allow enough space between the jars for easy access.

To keep track of a variety of coffee beans, use your computer to print labels on white paper and have them laminated at a print shop. Or use purchased tags and write the variety names by hand. Tie the tags to the jars with twine.”

A great solution to a common problem, (too many cookbooks, not enough book shelves in the kitchen). Bring in a small bookshelf and top with stone (this you may need to make a trip to the hardware store to purchase and cut) – so now you have storage and more work surface.

Making a caddy (this one was a tool box given a new paint job), keeps things you use everyday handy and portable while cooking.

So, could any of these ideas work for you? Any ideas on how to adapt them for other uses around the house?


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