Calming color: beautiful hues for relaxing interiors


Calming color

I think lavender is a surprising calming color that doesn’t get a lot of attention.  So here’s a little spotlight on lavender –  I hope you find it inspiring!

A lovely rug or throw blanket can do the trick if you are the person who loves to change up colors often. This shade of lavender is so pretty
purple in the bathroom #purple #bathroom #showercurtain

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Using lavender in a modern application can help the space from feeling two feminine.  This shower curtain might be purple, but it has a modern indie vibe to it that won’t scare off the men folk.
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This bedroom is so pretty and comfortable looking.  And it was designed for a (very lucky) teenage girl!
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The lavender used in this entry way and stairs is soft and unobtrusive, but you still notice it.

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Are you a fan of lavender?


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