Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Home Workspace


There are some great benefits to having your own home workspace, including relaxing in one of the best ergonomic chairs you can buy, avoiding long work commutes, and squeezing in some exercise into the workday. An effective home office setup can increase productivity and boost your mental health.

We recommend paying attention to your office’s design and the equipment you use if you want to reap the benefits of a great home office setup. You might invest in one of the best office chairs for back pain, buy an ergonomic keyboard and mouse or choose a room that has plenty of natural light.

Home office with black wall and white table
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Below, we will cover the top seven ways to improve your own home office for better comfort, productivity, and mental health.

1. Get One of the Best Office Chairs Around

With the amount of time, you will be spending on the computer, having an uncomfortable chair can lead to back and posture problems that will affect you later on. Being in an awkward sitting position all day also means your days will drag on and be unenjoyable and therefore unsustainable.

This makes investing in one of the best office chairs for back pain that you can find a must. Keep an eye out for the best gaming chairs, ergonomic chairs, or a regular office chair designed for maximum back support.

2. Boost Your Internet Speed

Your internet connection is the basis of your livelihood. It can be highly stressful when an unreliable connection drops out or when your internet speed isn’t fast enough for online conference calls or loading large documents.

A fast and reliable spectrum internet connection cuts out most of these issues that directly affect your performance and productivity. Consider investing a little more into your internet plan and avoid choosing the cheapest internet provider in your area.

3. Choose the Right Room in Your House

Home office with a mirror on the wall behind the desk
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You will likely spend most of your time in your office, so you are justified in choosing the best room in the house. Remember that natural light is your best friend when selecting the best room. Natural light is essential because it helps regulate your circadian rhythm to promote better sleep and higher levels of alertness during the day. It also means you are getting a good source of vitamin D while you work.

Additionally, your home office shouldn’t be so small that it feels cramped or cluttered, making it difficult to spend large amounts of time comfortably in the room.

4. Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Space

As well as getting sufficient natural light, the décor of your office will have an impact too. Spend some time focusing on interior design and revamp the space with art, a warm and neutral color scheme, and comfortable furniture if there is space. Try to also position your desk in an open space with a view rather than in the corner.

A great way to create a professional yet relaxing space is by incorporating bookshelves into the room, regardless of if you are a heavy reader or not. Bookshelves are an excellent aesthetic piece that breaks up the monotony of a bland room while creating the ambiance of a study room. They are also great background pieces for video calls.

5. Get a Soft Light Desk Lamp

Whether you need more light for reading on a cloudy day or have to work late into the night, it’s best to get a soft light desk lamp over a powerful lamp or fluorescent light. A soft, warm light not only contributes to a more relaxing and stress-free environment; it is also better for your optic health.

6. Bring Nature Into Your Space

Designed home office with desk, plant and chair
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Studies have shown that bringing plants into your office space is good for your health while being stimulating and pretty decorations. Green workspaces can improve your overall productivity and satisfaction while also helping to improve the air quality in your room if you choose the right ones.

7. Use a Desk Designed for How You Work

Like choosing the best ergonomic chairs, selecting a comfortable desk that offers enough space and shelving for your needs is crucial for creating an effective workflow. Using your home’s coffee table or one with a bad design can mean that you are hunching over a lot of the time with poor posture.

It’s also a good idea to choose your desk once you have purchased one of the best office chairs for back pain and ergonomic support to make sure the two are compatible.

From buying one of the best gaming chairs or one of the best office chairs for back pain to creating a home office space that is enjoyable to be in, improving your home workspace means increasing your productivity while improving your wellbeing. With the amount of time you spend in your home office, investing in a better space and work environment is a must that will pay off in the long term.

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