Top Ideas for a Beautiful Bathroom in 2021


Your bathroom is a place of relaxation and should be a source of good feelings when spending time in it. Self-care is done in the bathroom; thus, designing and building it to reflect your character is essential. People ignore bathroom design and end up having to redo it to match the desires they have. Bathroom design and decor are diversified depending on what a person wants. In 2021, people have started new trends and ideas that transform bathroom space.

Going through different bathroom ideas to find what will work for your bathroom can help make a wise decision.  Renovation is a delicate process that requires time, commitment, and research. Knowing the results you desire will help you understand how to remodel a bathroom. Below are top ideas in 2021 to help in a bathroom renovation.

1. Use Bold Colors

Bathtub and black shower with glass, black curtain and woven basket with laundry
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

A bold bathroom will make your space unique and relaxing. Bathrooms are neglected when it comes to painting used, giving a dull look. To enjoy the time you spend in the bathroom, consider a color transformation to add definition to the space you have. Using colorful tiles, bold paint, and colorful mats will make the bathroom look classic. The paint, wallpaper, or mat color you choose needs to blend with your décor to create a capturing atmosphere in the bathroom. Comfort in your home is a necessity, and that is what you are looking for when remodeling your bathroom.

2. Proper Lighting 

Lighting is essential for a bathroom space. Investing in lighting fixtures that transform the space is vital. Quality chandelier and unique lighting fixtures make a bathroom classic and relaxing for your self-care activities. Natural lighting is also a good way to spice up your bathroom. Having a large window that lets the sun and nature view the bathroom will create an outdoor experience. There are many lighting solutions in the market, easing the process of selecting what stands out for your bathroom decor.

3. Invest in Quality Features

Bathroom with sink and mirror
Used with permission of Jack Gardner

When purchasing your shower head, bathtub, and other bathroom furniture, quality is paramount. Quality furniture will stand out and give your bathroom a unique touch. The bathtub needs to complement the bathroom to ensure you enjoy your showers and soak baths. Bathtubs are designed in different colors and materials, and choosing what will be suitable for your bathroom is necessary.

4. Enough Storage

Bathrooms that are clutter-free stand out making the space look extensive and organized. When remodeling your bathroom, you have to think of storage to avoid storing your shower essentials recklessly around the bathroom. Storage makes it easy to keep your hygiene equipment and product safe and clean, giving your bathroom a classic feel.

5. Unique Décor

Bathroom with bath tub and black curtains
Used with permission of Andrea West Design

Choosing décor that will complement the bathroom space is an excellent addition to your space. Art and DIY decorations make a plain and straightforward bathroom stand out. Mirrors are also part of décor and are ideal for bathrooms. Mirrors reflect the bathroom space and make it look bigger. Investing your time in finding décor that matches your bathroom is paramount. The goal is to create a soothing space to help you feel at home when decorating your bathroom.

6. Glass Shower Doors

People are adopting glass shower doors in 2021. Incorporating a glass shower door in your bathroom makes it look bigger. Glass doors are also a great idea to partition your space and avoid soaking your floor and mats with water when taking a shower. There are sliding glass doors that save the space that an opening door will occupy. The door transformation is a great idea to save space and create an illusion of a bigger bathroom.

7. Plumbing Solutions

Two bathroom syncs and two mirrors
Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

The plumbing under the sink does not have to be visible. Coming up with an innovative way to cover the plumbing fixtures and pipes is essential. It would be best to use decorative ways to cover up the plumbing to create a relaxing and beautiful bathroom space. Proper plumbing is paramount in a bathroom, and you need to be creative to cover up and create a classic look for your bathroom.

Bathroom space needs to be ideal because it is a big part of your everyday life. Ideas that can transform bathrooms in your home are many this year. Above are a few ideas that can help you design your dream bathroom. Thanks to for consulting on this post.


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