How to Make a Statement with Luxury Lighting


Achieving a luxury and lavish feel in your house could tend to be a challenge. You could incorporate this season’s stunning Pantone color, install stylish designer furniture, and complement them with carefully selected accessories, and still feel like something is missing. The missing part? Luxury lighting.

Luxury lighting is not only functional but also can greatly transform a room. In this guide, you will find out how to make a statement using luxury lighting to attain opulence in your home.

Plenty of layering

Dining table with celling above and carpet under the table surrounded with chairs
Used with permission of Timothy Godbold

Using various sources of light at different levels could prove to be an effective yet subtle manner of achieving a highly luxurious interior. From table lamps to floor to wall lights and pendants, utilizing several sources of light gives a room a soft glow, and a high-end and harmonious feel throughout the room.

For instance, whereas having a central ceiling pendant adds more light to the living area, putting a stylish floor lamp close to an armchair produces a cozy reading corner. Table lamps can also be used to showcase designer seats.

A chic statement

To make a stylish statement in your home, complement your house’s aesthetic and invest in the appropriate lighting to add to your finishing touches. From an industrial, raw theme to a Scandi-inspired interior, selecting the type of luxury lighting that oozes your décor could elevate the whole space.

In your dining room, set off your superb table with a row of neatly arranged, low-hanging chandeliers. In the bedroom, use bedside lamps and dropping pendants to beautifully frame the bed and create a lavish statement.

Features and highlights

Living room with sofas and small wooden coffee tables with book shelfs behind the sofas
Used with permission of Timothy Godbold

Besides being inherently practical, when luxury lighting is carefully placed, it has the ability to do much more. Instead of only brightening rooms, luxury lighting can be used to enhance a feature or bring out your luxury finishes to life.

For instance, in your spa bathroom, you could install luxury lights above the bath or around your sink to help in producing a sensual and decadent feel. In your hallway, you could employ wall lighting to enhance artwork which will turn your carefully chosen pieces into a spectacular feature.

Lighting levels

Corner of the room with white  armchair, light and small coffee table with plant on it
Used with permission of Timothy Godbold

When selecting the appropriate type of lighting for your house, there are two factors that you must keep in mind – temperature and atmosphere. Both of them could impact significantly how well designed and expensive your house feels and could alter the mood as well.

Choosing brighter bulbs could be beneficial in some areas of your house. In others, you could install low-wattage bulbs to create a more welcoming and warmer environment that has a candle-like glow. You can also use soft pendants to set the tone of your kitchen.


To decorate your house in an opulent manner takes time and a huge chunk of money. Furnishing the interior of your home with designer products could help to create a polished and sophisticated look, but adding luxury lighting could truly transform the house. Use this guide to make a statement using carefully selected lighting options. Thanks to for consulting on this post.


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