Is Shotcrete Stronger than Concrete?


When you start construction work, you will have to decide on the best-suited materials. Safety should be your priority regardless of what you are building. So, it is best to learn about the construction materials. Concrete is a common method people use for construction work, but nowadays, a variation known as shotcrete is also used widely.

However, people often face the main concern of not being able to understand which one is stronger. To help you out, I have prepared an article that will clear all your doubts.

What is Shotcrete?

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Shotcrete is a mixture of water, cement, and fine aggregate. You can use it as reinforcement mode applications where regular concrete is hard to reach, such as mining shafts, tunnel linings, and vertical rock faces. The substrate is usually unstable without appropriate support.

Shotcrete stabilizes the substrate by holding it together; it will improve tunnel and shaft linings’ stability in underground administrations and reduce the risks of rockfalls in unstable areas.

The shotcrete process begins with the proper mix design; since high early strength is vital, the cement and water ratio is high. The higher the ratio, the higher the resultant compressive strength of the shotcrete.

Is Shotcrete Stronger than Concrete?

Shotcrete is usually stronger than poured concrete due to the method of pneumatically applying concrete, which reduces the water-cement ratio. Shotcrete reaches the strength of 3,000 psi in a day or less and a 28-day strength of 5,000 psi or greater. Mixtures such as silica fume will increase the strength up to 8,000 psi.

What is the Difference in the Application of Shotcrete and Concrete?

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The primary difference between shotcrete and concrete depends on where you place it. You can apply the concrete with the help of a mixing truck, which readies the mixture and pours it onto the ground. Later, you need to manually spread the concrete. The fresh concrete vibrates to flush out air and to make sure it’s compact. In contrast, you can apply shotcrete with the help of a cement gun. The gun applies the blend at a high velocity giving the product high strength, durability, and low permeability.

What are the Advantages of Shotcrete and Concrete?

Here is a brief of the advantages of shotcrete and concrete. Choose between the two depending upon your requirement.


If you have a large area where you want to do the construction work, concrete has more advantages in building foundations. You can pour the concrete into any framed area and leave it to harden. Concrete is more water-resistant than steel, wood, and other building materials. Additionally, it can withstand high temperatures without compromising the structure.


You can apply the shotcrete with the shotcrete gun; it has additional benefits over traditional concrete. You do not need to mix the shotcrete like concrete; for this reason, construction companies can save time and labor costs. The gun allows the shotcrete to bond to materials better than poured concrete, making it ideal for complicated shapes and spaces that concrete cannot reach.


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Shotcrete and concrete both are efficient if you know how to use them; shotcrete is essential for filling up the areas that are not easy to reach. Concrete is good for large areas and is more beneficial for large areas. You can also connect at to get the job done for you. Thanks to for consulting.


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