6 Problems Handled by Contractors of Residential Roofing in Newcastle, NSW


Are you inattentive when it comes to roof maintenance? Most homeowners are. These structures are usually at the bottom of one’s home improvement list, waiting in line until the interior of houses gets renovated.

Nevertheless, every homeowner should strive to keep its roof in the best condition possible by practicing regular maintenance. Roofing problems are supposed to be repaired once spotted to prevent more severe property damage.

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Hiring the assistance of contractors for residential roofing in Newcastle minimizes the risk of leaks, shingle damage, mould, and dampness.

These are the most common roofing problems homeowners cope with in Newcastle, NSW.


Roof leaks are known to be the most common enemies of roofing structures, manifested with water spots in the ceilings of houses. Once you notice a water stain on the ceiling or another wall inside your home, it means you are dealing with a severe leak. These are mainly caused by roof penetrations, broken shingles, and flashing.

Additionally, leaks are most commonly found in close proximity to chimneys, vents, and gutters. They can also occur underneath damaged shingles but never in parts with undamaged tiles. Anyhow, water stains are rather deceiving, appearing at spots that are far away from the source.

Nevertheless, professional roofers are experts at detecting even the smallest roof leaks by following the path of the water. Since water penetrates through the insulation, these contractors need to move the insulation aside in order to look for flow marks and signs of mould. The most effective way for homeowners to prevent leaks is by having their roofs regularly maintained, particularly the ones dwelling in rain-prone regions with extreme weather conditions.

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Missing or cracked shingles

Another common roofing problem of homeowners in Newcastle is coping with missing or broken shingles, which might lead to severe property damage. Your shingles might go missing due to the deterioration of the sealant strip that keeps them attached to the structure. Once the sealant starts deteriorating, the shingles will slowly find their way in your yard, either completely smashed or intact.

It’s paramount for homeowners to take immediate action the moment they notice broken shingles scattered around the yard or empty spots on the roof. Consequently, the risk of leaks and interior water damage would be significantly reduced. Make sure you contact one of your local roofers to replace the cracked tiles with new ones and place new shingles in the place of the missing ones. Visit this page to check out some handy tips about replacing asphalt shingles.

Stagnant water

Puddles of water can be easily formed on roofs, particularly the flat ones, threatening to cause a multitude of problems over time. These ponds are predominantly caused by clogged gutters and debris piles, originating from the lack of roof maintenance.

The longer the stagnant water remains on top of these structures, the higher the chances of deterioration. Dampness is a silent enemy of roofs, slowly penetrating into its structure and evolving into mould and mildew. These fungi feed on roofing materials until they become the leading cause of leaks, hence resulting in water damage. Once mould enters one’s home, it spreads incredibly easy around the house, affecting every corner.

Therefore, the moment you notice such a puddle on the surface of your roof, it’s essential to hire the assistance of roofers. These professionals will make adequate slopes for the water not to keep on the surface but go down the gutter. Sometimes, all you are supposed to do is have your gutters cleaned in order for the rain to pass through them freely.

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Snow damage

Homeowners dwelling in regions with cold climates experience roofing problems caused by snow and ice damage. Once the piles of snow on the roof start melting, the water isn’t quick enough to run off the structure but penetrates under the shingles. Due to the cold temperatures, it turns into ice that gradually expands and lifts the shingles. This process results in a myriad of gaps that allow water to penetrate once again, hence causing the same damage on a daily basis.

Although Newcastle doesn’t get much snow, it’s important for homeowners to get their roofing structures inspected twice a year, both in spring and autumn. Spring inspections are necessary for damage check-up after the winter period is over. Conversely, autumn inspection help residents prepare the structures for the upcoming season. The following link, https://www.wikihow.com/Prevent-Roof-Ice-Build-Up, includes some helpful tips about preventing roof ice build-up.

Blistered shingles

Homeowners living in warm regions like New South Wales are faced with the problem of blistered shingles, which are either caused by dampness or improper ventilation. Therefore, adequate ventilation is of crucial importance when installing a roofing structure. In order for the ventilation process to be optimal, the vents should be installed both at the base and near the ridge of the structure.

Moreover, the role of the bottom vents is to draw cold air, whereas the job of the top vents is to let the warm air outside. As long as the vents function properly, you won’t have to worry about moisture regulation. However, once some of these get broken, the excessive moisture immediately deteriorates the sheathing, insulation, and rafting of roofs.

Therefore, the moment you notice mould growth or an unexpected rise in the cost of your energy bills, it’s time to contact a professional roofer. These professionals can easily replace damaged vents with new ones, thus restoring the process of proper ventilation.

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Tree damage

Trees are yet another cause of roofing problems, particularly in storm-prone regions. Tree branches are known for damaging the top layer of roofs due to the constant rubbing against its surface. Therefore, homeowners are advised to keep the branches around the house trimmed at all times. If some of the trees represent a potential threat in the event of a storm, it’s best to have them replanted.

Final thoughts

Be vigilant when it comes to spotting roofing problems.

Taking immediate action is vital for preventing serious damage! Thanks to Hunter Coast Roof Repairs for consulting.




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