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When was the last time you updated your restroom? Did you know that an outdated restroom speaks volumes about the company that owns it? Never let your restrooms reflect poorly on your organization. You can work with a reputable company and install new toilet partitions Los Angeles and follow simple techniques for a successful renovation project.

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Five Tips to ensure a successful renovation project with toilet partitions Los Angeles

Below are five refreshing tips that will help you with your toilet renovation project:

Embrace timeless aesthetics

Classic design ages well – it will still look welcoming and modern even in the 21st century. Trendy colors can backfire if the fad fades, so you should pair the restroom’s general design with themes that have the same look with corridors and common areas. A rather different appearance for the restrooms can be confusing.

Texture can add an important aesthetic element to a renovated restroom, too. Using glass tiles on vertical surfaces, especially on the wall behind the toilets can add visual interest to the walls. This technique resembles those of sleek airport restrooms that have full-tile walls, stainless steel toilet partitions, and sinks where the soap dispensers, faucets, and dryers are built into just one continuous counter.

This makes a great impression. If you don’t have clean restrooms in your facility, then it will be hard for people to trust you. It’s also a win for your staff because they’re easier to maintain and clean.

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Investigate technology

If you have not updated your restroom in a while, then the water-efficient technology has probably made considerable strides since the last time you replaced the fixtures in the restroom. This could mean that every time your guests use a non-low-flow fixture, they are flushing your money down the toilet.

You can save more money if you save water instead of energy, especially in Los Angeles. Some buildings still have old toilets and have been neglected. You don’t really need to have a high-end replacement for your old fixtures. You can easily find toilets on the market with a 1.0 or 1.1 gallon per flush rate that works perfectly! Low-flow fixtures are way better than old high-flow fixtures, in terms of flushability.

Touchless fixtures are also becoming popular since a lot of occupants prefer to not touch anything in the restroom, especially since COVID-19 is a serious threat. All touchless fixtures, however, aren’t created equal. Look beyond the infrared sensor that detects the occupant’s presence, and examine the features that will meet your needs.

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One thing you should know is that the life expectancy of battery-powered products depends on the manufacturer. You must do your research to determine which ones will last longer. You can also look into the sentinel flow, which emits a quick burst of water every after 24 hours. This ensures that the traps are continually primed, eliminating the chance of water harboring legionella.

If your touchless toilet features a solar-rechargeable flush valve, then you should make sure that the solar panel can still recharge even if you have occupancy sensors that automatically turn the lights off when the restroom is unoccupied. For touchless faucets and soap dispensers, you should see to it that the maintenance staff has access to the soap refills located under the counter. Dryers and towel dispensers that aren’t located over a counter might lead to users to drip onto the floor while approaching with wet hands, damaging the floor or wall finishes.

Ensure cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness in toilets is everything, so make sure that your newly renovated restroom isn’t just easy to clean. It should also encourage better hygiene for occupants. One easy trick that can make this happen is by ensuring that the trash can is big enough.

One of the biggest problems in public restrooms is overflowing wastebaskets, which occupants associate with being dirty. Make sure you select the right type of colors of grout to avoid staining and discoloration.

The materials in the restroom, as well as the toilet partitions Los Angeles, should also be able to handle intense cleanings. The biggest problem areas in restrooms are the corners and joints where the floor tiles meet the wall tile – they’re hard to keep clean. If you have to clean the space eight or nine times a day, then the materials should be strong enough to handle such cleaning.

A solid surface product with an under-mounted sink can mean that water drips are easily wiped into the sink. Quartz is the best solution, as it’s easily cleaned and have a long life, but it can involve a high upfront cost.

Pick tough products

If you’re renovating school restrooms or similar facilities where occupants are rough on fixtures, you need to invest in vandal-resistant toilet partitions Los Angeles and other tough materials. Look for products with tough waterways and brass tabs, and use Torx-head screws to prevent tampering.

A lot of the schools today prefer to go with electronic products, but durability remains a big concern. You can find other ways to save water without using electronics. A lot of metering faucets are more durable and cost-effective.

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Take a holistic view

Try to step back and see the planed project as a whole; Consider the restroom experience from different angles – both from your team’s point of view and from the occupants’. In multiple-user restrooms, you can use strategies like installing solid walls or toilet partitions Los Angeles instead of using metal dividers to enhance your occupants’ perceptions of the space. This can make maintenance a lot easier for the facilities, too.

Solid walls give off a “private” feeling for the occupants, and they’re easier to maintain because most people don’t scratch on them like they do with dividers.

However you decide to renovate your restroom, keep in mind that space reflects your company. Never underestimate the essence of restrooms to the occupants and their willingness to come back to you. If you want the renovation to be successful, make sure to follow these tips above. Also, make sure to work with a company you can trust to help you with installing or replacing toilet partitions. Thanks to Toilet Partitions Los Angeles for consulting


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