Area Rug Tips And Ideas for Every Room Of The House


A rug can set or change the tone of an entire room. All you need to do is add a rug to any space that lacks excitement, and boom, problem solved. Besides adding a touch of warmth and cosiness into the room, including minimalist and contemporary ones, a rug has the power to bring together a room and its colour scheme. It can also tone down a cluttered space, inject colour into a bland room, and divide a large area into a cosier one. They can also make the room feel a little more spacious or smaller based on the size and placement.

However, when choosing a rug, what size and style should you go for? How and where do you place them? To start with, you need to keep in mind that there are lots of different styles to consider. This includes geometric, modern, patterned, or neutral, not to mention the popular oriental and kilim varieties. You also need to consider the rug’s texture, from hooked to tufted and from knotted to flat weave. The right choice is up to the taste and preferences of the individual, and what complements their interior. In this post, we’ll discuss our tips and tricks for choosing the rug that works best for you, and share a few area rug ideas for every room of the house.

Use Rugs to Define Areas

You can use a rug to separate or defined areas, such as dining or seating areas and foyers. This can be especially useful for studio apartments and large rooms that could use a bit of definition.

Base Material Choice on Function

Function should always play a major role in your selection. Think about how you intend to use the rug and use this as a guide in helping you to decide the materials you should use. Natural fibres like cotton and wool typically work best when you want to bring a soft, luxurious vibe to the room. Woven fibres like hemp and jute are best for high-traffic areas.

Make a Focal Point

Since rugs can make such a huge impact in any room, consider using a rug to form a focal point. You can achieve this by creating a contrast such as having the walls painted in a colour that enhances one of your rug’s accent colours.

Create Some Variety

Rugs can create variety in any space. Using two same-sized rugs in a room can visually cut the room into two. You can also create a touch of variety using different sized rugs in the same room.

Control the Volume

You can visually quieten a room or turn up the volume as needed. If your wallpaper or upholstery has an ornate pattern, go for a rug that’s more subtle. If your upholstery and walls are subdued, try using bolder colours or busier patterns to add a bit more interest to the room.

Play Around With Shapes

Most people assume that a rug has to be a rectangle, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A good approach is to let the way you group your furniture dictate the shape of your rug. Try to figure out which shape would look best, and then go with a round, square, or oval shape if it seems to suit your furniture placement better than a rectangular one.

Get Some Colour Scheme Ideas

You can use your favourite rug as reference for the room’s colour scheme. However, if you’re adding a rug after you’ve already put furniture in the room, you can use the rug to accent the colour or match your existing colours.

Carefully Consider The Size

This is quite difficult considering most rugs are typically available in standard sizes, and there are no specific rules on how to do it right.

However, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

•           Remember to leave some room for a border of flooring on all sides if you’re looking for a full room rug. The standard border measurement is about 18 inches.

•           For rugs meant to ground a seating area, the best approach is to measure the length and width of the current seating area layout and get the next size up.

•           To highlight a piece of furniture with a rug, ensure the rug is big enough to extend beyond the piece and leave room on all sides.

The standard for a dining table is 24 inches. However, it should be less if you’re working for a smaller piece, such as a coffee table.

All things considered, every room in your house could benefit from integrating an area rug. While it might seem like such a small detail, it’s an uncanny design element that can complement any décor.

Hopefully, with the help of these tips and ideas, you’ll be able to pick the perfect rug for any room.

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