Making Cozy Comfortable

How can you make a room that’s labeled as “cozy” be comfortable? With minimal space and few options to fill that space, how to make it look like you actually want to spend time in there?
Here are a few tips I have for making that transition from tiny to lovely.
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Take the room you have and add simple touches to make it feel like a home. A plant, a rug, a picture. Start small.
Dedicate space for what you love. We spend so much time making our home look like magazines but if it isn’t what you want in your home or isn’t useful, don’t buy it! Buy what you love and what you need.
Buy smart. One piece of furniture that you love, that fits the room is better than piecing together multiple pieces that may or may not work. Make smart choices that leave you with the best square footage and still comfy. 
Be creative. Find pieces that have duel purposes and that provide you with more options, but also add character to the room.
Small spaces can be fabulous, as you’ll see in these tiny balcony garden spots with moods that range from city sophistication to pure Zen.
Keep it clean and fresh. Fresh flowers and clean blankets really can make a difference.
How are you making your cozy space more comfortable?


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