A Simple Chair can Change the Room!

When decorating a room, I love to add a simple chair. There are so many advantages to having one, like an accent to tie the room together, extra seating, or to fill an empty space. They can add texture to an otherwise dull room. 
They create a sense of comfort to a room.
They can provide personality and a pop of color.
It doesn’t matter what size the room is, there are so many styles of chairs you can easily find one to fit the space.
Even if you think a chair wouldn’t fit in, you’d be surprised it add’s a much needed character.
Reading Nook: This editor's adorable reading nook inside her adorable house has all the essential elements; we wouldn't be surprised if this photo made the cut next year, too.  Source: Natalie Franke
It’s amazing what one chair can do to a room.


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