A coastal retreat form this harsh winter


I’m definitely experiencing cabin fever being cooped up in the house for 7 days now. Luckily I have a big stack of design mags to get through. I found this tropical gem in the February issue of Coastal Living, and thought maybe you guys could use some eye candy as well. This property is on a small Grenadines island called Bequia.

The neighborhood is called “moonhole” because of this arch, from which one can see the moon set twice a year.
Images above via Coastal Living Feb. 2010 issue

The two homes on the property
image via Burke House

I’d love to be able to sleep with the windows open

Coastal Living Feb. 2010 issue

images via Burke House

I could spend all day out here
Coastal Living Feb. 2010 issue

You can actually stay at one of these houses on your next vaca! Go to Burke House or Tranquility Villa to see/read more!

A very cool new kitchen product – especially for tiny kitchens


I got the privilege of testing out a new kitchen product, which I can attest is very cool and would be very beneficial in an apartment like those in NYC where one only has 1-2 cabinets. You can check out the site here, but I’ve also copied a synopsis:

“An Innovative Product”

FoldTuk is actually the first and only collapsible bakeware that can be used in conventional, convection, infrared, and microwave ovens due to its Green and petroleum free Ceramber material. It is airtight, stackable, dishwasher safe, and naturally nonstick (No non-stick coating applied), making it your most functional bakeware and cold storage container.

Ceramber heats up and cools down faster than silicone bakeware products. Unlike Corningware containers, the FoldTuk can collapse to a one-inch in height, saving valuable shelf space in your kitchen cabinet. The FoldTuk is very durable yet sturdy and has all the function benefits of Pyrex or Corningware. FoldTuks Ceramber construction allows it to transfer from deep freeze directly into a hot baking oven eliminating any risk of thermal impact…and it is 100% shatter proof. If the FoldTuk slips out of your hands as you empty the dishwasher, not to worry, FoldTuk is unbreakable and no damage will be done to you or your kitchen investments!

Want to be Green and have a giant savings on your utility costs? You can bake a meal, serve it directly to the mealtime table and save your leftovers all in the very same FoldTuk! In one meal preparation alone, you have contributed to the protection of our environment by reducing your use of electricity, soap and water.”

The cranberry apple crisp ready for the oven

Fresh out of the oven – and yes, it tasted delicious

I sealed up the leftovers (what little there were), and saved them in the fridge for the next night.

It cleaned up pretty easy, and as you can see, collapses for easy storage.

Again, you can see their other products and read more about it here – foldtukbakeware.com

Is this something you could use in your kitchen?

A technique to inspire when you just can’t figure out a room


Sometimes you look at a room and you just draw a blank – nothing about it inspires you or strikes a cord, everything you try just makes it look over decorated or outdated. Well, (and I know this technique is nothing new), how about taking a cue from the celebs or people in your life who’ve always inspired you? You know that person – they always look put together and just make you think – “I want to look like that, I want to emulate what he/she does.” Instead of transcribing that to your appearance, transcribe it to your room’s appearance.

Like Amy’s fun but still elegant style? Like the colors of her apparel and makeup? Like her quirk and intelligence? It might take a little practice, but if you put together the elements of a room while keeping these characteristics in mind – you’ll soon get the hang of emulating someone’s style and presence via fabrics, furniture arrangements, art, and more!

Here are some samples I’ve put together

I took Amy’s casual elegance – mixed with a little bohemian, and her love of jewel tones, and found rooms that speak to that appeal.
top right –House to Home, bottom left & right – House Beautiful

Interior designer Marlaina Teich took inspiration from Tina Fey’s feature in Harper’s Bazzar to create this stunning red bedroom – I love the fireplace front! She loved the way Tina popped off the gray background in her red dress.

Here’s another board I created with Michelle Obama’s fashion-forward, elegant persona in mind.
top left, bottom center – House Beautiful

My dream first day of spring outfit


I’m sitting here watching another 18″ of snow fall on the 24″ we received here in MD on Saturday. I’m just itching for that first day when it’s 55 degrees – but I’ll still be out there in a t-shirt just to feel some sun on my arms. Anyway, it’s not going to be t-shirt weather anytime soon, but a girl can still dream!

I seriously might order those shoes – and that dress is adorable. What’s great is this stuff is all affordable! It’s also all from a really cute shop I just discovered (via Country Living’s Bargain issue), called Lulus.

Bangles = $24
Dress= $45
Shoes = $85
Jacket= $40
Earrings= $17

A beautiful shabby chic Savannah cottage with some Scandinavian flavor


February is a great month for the home decor magazines. I had a stack waiting for me when I returned from Spain, and I’ve never used so many page markers! I thought I’d start off sharing all the things inspired me with this light and pretty Savannah cottage- which was condemned when the couple bought it for $29,000. I have a crush on Savannah so my ears always perk at the name!

*hint: click on any image for a giant version!

I really like this simple, clean kitchen

I like the bedding and nightstand here, but I think all the objects above the headboard are a bit much. What do you think?

I really like flat(ish) weave, striped rugs. I really, really like them when they’re only $2.99 like the one above from Ikea.

Read more about this adorable cottage in Country Living’s February 2010 Bargain Issue