Beautiful Staircases: Inspiration for an overlooked area


Beautiful Staircases

Staircases aren’t usually something one thinks of when thinking “home decorating.”  I thought it might be fun to dedicate an entire post to beautiful staircases and the beauty they can add to your home.  I’ve even found some inspiration for outdoor stairs, which aren’t as popular in the states as maybe external staircases uk, or Italy, and throughout Europe.

Moreover, considering a lot of staircases open to the foyer or entrance of a home, it is well worth considering the design and aesthetics of your staircase in home decorating projects. While spiral staircases aren’t as popular in the states, I saw a lot of them while living in Spain, an unbeknownst to me you can buy staircases online!

Below I’ve posted some staircase inspiration:

beautiful staircases

How sweet is this white winding staircase?  I love the gray wide paneled floor and entry rug too. This winding staircase also adds some valuable storage space under it, great for adding a small desk or entry console for sorting mail.beautiful staircases

Wow. I would love to have built-in bookcases behind this graceful spiral staircase and a comfy seat for reading by the window. I also love the plants and lantern hanging in the center of the staircase.

beautiful staircases

Spiral staircases don’t need to be antique and old fashioned.  There are a lot of modern options for staircases available these days, as well as space-saving solutions. I love the contrast this steel spiral staircase creates against the white room.

beautiful staircases

A balcony garden with a pretty exterior spiral staircase!  This is a clever way to include more greenery in your outdoor space if it is limited.

beautiful staircases

This winding staircase is truly a work of art.  The architectural details and the care that’s been taken in creating a beautiful curve is amazing.  Everything about it is so artful.  I love the planes of white surface and the interesting windows.

beautiful staircases

Spiral staircases can really shine in lofts since they’re visible from most areas of the space. I love the eclectic mix in this loft of different furnishings and wood finishes.  The exposed beams and wood-paneled ceiling is gorgeous too!

Have you put thought into your staircase?  If so how do you have it decorated?  Is it an afterthought?  Are you lucky enough to have a staircase that had a lot of architectural details added?  We don’t have a staircase in our home – so I need to live vicariously through people who do!

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Farmhouse inspiration: A charming upstate farm retreat


Farmhouse Inspiration

It’s a dream of all (admit it, all) NYC dwellers to have a country retreat. Kathryn Windley was no exception to the rule. She was tired of her grueling hours as an art director for a Manhattan ad agencies, and was recently divorced. She added a new twist to the New Yorker turned farmer by actually marrying the realtor who found her the property a few years later on the 20-acre grounds!

This living room is kept bright and cheery by the white upholstery and brightly striped rug.

In NYC, unless you pay for a separate studio, on never has space in their apartment for a studio.
One day I hope to have the space to paint and draw again.



The barn is actually a garage they designed to look like a barn.

I adore this kitchen, and Kathryn claims the farmhouse sink is what sold her on the property.  The runner was a once a damaged full-sized carpet she had cut and bound to fit the kitchen.

What do you think?

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Glamorous interiors of interior designer Schuyler Samperton


Glamorous Interiors

It is always such a treat when I’m introduced to an interior designer whose work I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t happen very often, which is why I’m really excited to share with you Schuyler Samperton. She’s an LA based designer with a cool modern twist on traditional decorating. If you love glamorous interiors, I’m sure some of you do know her work – and even if you’ve seen it before, I imagine it’s just as beautiful to look at the second…, third…, fourth time around…

Pops of pink and turquoise balance out the visual heaviness of the dark wood beams

I would never think to put together that rug that table, with those curtains and that striped chair.  It’s a very unexpected blend, and I like that it looks like the furnishings and decor was collected over time as opposed to items purchased just to match.



The two below images are from the home of model Carolyn Murphy, which was featured in March’s vogue!

Those wood floors are heaven!

Do you like Schuyler’s style? Go to Schuyler Samperton’s site to see more.

Beautiful Cabinets: value and quality from Cabinets Quick!


Beautiful Cabinets from Cabinets Quick!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful kitchen, and who doesn’t love beautiful cabinets that are high quality and affordable?  Cabinets Quick! is a company who has accomplished just that.  My jaw dropped when I saw the kitchens below.  They cabinetry is absolutely stunning.  As anyone who knows me guess, the white one especially caught my attention!

Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick

About Cabinets Quick!

For the past 10 years, Cabinets Quick! has specialized in SEMI CUSTOM built-to-order cabinetry and functions off the belief that combining quality materials and hardware with superior technology and craftsmanship will produce unrivaled results. From high-end residential work (using plywood and veneers) to commercial projects (using laminates and melamines), our work can be found along the Orange County coast as well as in companies like Juice It Up, Residence Inn, and the Marriott. Our factory features state-of-the-art equipment and we only use durable, locally-sourced materials. At Cabinets Quick!, our core belief in skilled craftsmanship is the foundation we constantly honor.

Cabinets Quick! strongly believes the prosperity of our clients directly affects our company’s success. In an effort to streamline the quoting process on potential jobs, we proudly present our newest Cabinet Catalogs. Our three cabinet lines offer multiple case materials, beautiful door and drawer styles, and a variety of door and drawer colors and finishes to choose from. The craftsmanship is rich and detailed, eliciting appreciative feelings of quality and value to the eye or touch. We are constantly devoting time and resources towards enhancing the Cabinets Quick! catalog and our in-house manufacturing operations. The corporate sensibility at Cabinets Quick!, in conjunction with our employees and affiliates, is to make a remarkable difference in each community we serve.

Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick

Beautiful cabinets galore! The range of styles, colors, and finishes they offer are extensive.  How I would love to see these kitchens in person!

Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick

About the Economy Line

Cabinets Quick! has mastered the art of high-end cabinetry, using and testing numerous materials over the years in order to find the perfect combinations. We have now concentrated our efforts on finding ways to make our high quality cabinets available to a larger audience, trimming costs where we could without decreasing the overall integrity of the product. Imported Chinese plywood is a popular choice among large cabinet retailers due to it’s low cost and the ability to tote the plywood name. But this material often comes with no warranty and lacks consistency in overall quality, two factors Cabinets Quick! feels is not worth the difference in price. Instead, we opted to stay with a domestically sourced White Melamine, a material option used even in the finest homes. Our melamine contains a durable 90lb Particle Board core, and we truly believe its relative strength and reliability overshadows the “non-plywood” stigma. Instead, we opted to save consumers money by switching to comparable off-brand European hardware and streamlining the cabinet construction process by removing certain upgrades. The end result: a product that gives consumers the best value for dollars. In simpler terms, our cabinets lines can be compared to a standard theater versus a luxury theater. Additional options like food delivery and reclining chairs are available for an enhanced experience, but both theaters offer what really counts: the same movie on the same screen.
At Cabinets Quick!, we realize there are many choices of cabinet resellers and distributors. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, utility or other usable space, Cabinets Quick! offers a variety of solutions and dynamic environments that reflect your personal style. We make it especially easy to buy cabinets online in an easy-to-assemble, ready-to-install arrangement (Quick Ship). Visit our website for additional information and to view examples of our work.
Cabinets Quick! are located at 1742 North Case Street, Orange, CA 92865 and serve many states across the country.

Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick Beautiful Cabinets cabinet quick

*Disclosure:  This post in partnership with Cabinets Quick!

Stylish office: A glamorous NYC publicist’s office


Stylish Office

Lonny Mag never fails to share amazing life AND work spaces, and the one below is no exception. I’m sure having a stylish office space like this makes coming to work each day less of a chore and more of a pleasure! Enjoy!

Most of the decor and accessories in design publicist Elizabeth Blitzer’s NYC office comes from flea markets.

The conference is also the dining room.




A nook in the kitchen

What do you think?
Is your office thoughtfully styled?

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