In-Kitchen Dining

in-kitchen dining
In-Kitchen Dining Where does your family enjoy their meals?  Dining room? The kitchen? The living room...(gasp!)  Jk lol.  No judgement here.  We feed our kids at the table, and once they are off to bed my husband and I enjoy our dinner on the couch in peace with the latest John Oliver episode.  I'm apt to think that most people...

Refresh for summer: amazing decor and furniture roundup

summer refresh
Refresh for summer! Lucky us!  You can usually find some great clearance sales around this time.  I've taken the liberty of finding some of the most popular summer looks right now and then finding you pieces that will help you create that look for less*. Read on... Lantern Pendant Lighting Lantern lighting says summer to me because it's glass-paned design allows all that...

How to Make your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

spa bathroom
The bathroom is more than just a space to get ready on busy weekday mornings, it’s also a place where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life. But if your bathroom feels far from tranquil and indulgent, it won’t do anything to help you feel calm and relaxed, and it will be the last place that you...

A perfect Georgian townhouse remodeled to utter perfection

georgian townhouse
Thats a Georgian York townhouse. A couple moved over the pond from the States and purchased a what would be there dream home.  They stripped it back to it's original glory and renovated the entire thing. It was the perfect home for their Classic English furniture. Tired of of white cabinetry?  So were these folks apparently.  What do you think...

Decorating with Houseplants

decorating with houseplants
Even though it is almost officially summer and everything is green outside, don't neglect your inside!  Decorating with houseplants have an amazing effect on an interior, from breathing new life into the look of a room to literally breathing cleaner air into your home.  Believe it or not different houseplants provide different benefits to your home.  These benefits range...

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