Small Closet? Great ideas to get the most out of a small walk in closet

Shelving is easy to cut to size, and therefore this closet makes the most of even the tiniest nooks.

Utilizing wall space is key to making sure there is space for everything.

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Our closet will likely be narrow like this one, but at least I won’t have to put my clothes in the guest room closet anymore.

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This shoe rack makes the most of space by having shallower shelves for flats and taller shelves for heels.



Considering the Open Concept Layout

An oldie but a goodie for you on this Thursday!
Now that hubby and I are not longer spending every spare moment wedding planning, we are finally thinking about improvements that we’d like to make to our home.  Our house it a 50s rambler, and while it doesn’t have the bones these amazing spaces do, we are still thinking about knocking down some walls to create a more open and modern space.
Loving almost everything about this.
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Those beams – those windows!
Has anyone here remodeled for a more open layout?  Were you happy with the results?

Mix furniture styles like a pro


Fearlessly mix furniture styles!

Today I am going to reveal some useful tips on how to mix furniture styles like a pro.  I do not go for matchy matchy – it looks too contrived and does not really let the homeowners personality shine through. Even if a room looks “good” if I can tell every piece is from the same catalog, I’m not really impressed. Everyone prefers a space that looks like it came together overtime but also with style, and that allows the character of the people who live their to shine through. This is easier said then done. Furniture is such an important player in a room, so putting together a meaningful collection of furnishings can be daunting to say the least. Below are some useful tips to successfully mix furniture styles:

An easy place to start might be your walls.  I love the look of traditional furnishings with modern art

Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Kitchen & Bath Designers Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Work with the bones of your home.  If your home is a country style abode, work in a few vintage pieces. Make it easy on yourself when you are starting out by choosing styles that pair well together.  Country and Vintage work well.  Victorian, a style that celebrates the ornate, pairs well with French and Asian. Arts and crafts works will with midcentury modern and modern.

Eclectic Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators ABCD Design LLC

Eclectic is undoubtedly a style that lends itself to mixing.  Make it work with surprising details like travel mementos or memorabilia from your past lives. This gives the illusion that every piece has a story behind it or sentimental value.  That way even if the mod couch doesn’t have a story behind it, it will look like it does because many other elements in the room do.

Here, a mix of antique style furniture is kept fresh with a modern table lamp and modern art.  Also notice that the furnishings all have a similar visual “weight” to them, which helps keep this space look airy.
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Don’t forget your walls.  The abstract painting pairs well with the modern chairs, while the gilt mirror pairs well with the coffee table – but they juxtapose one another.  Creating relationship like this helps the space feel cohesive.

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Mix “like” pieces.  By like I mean chairs, or stools, or side tables, etc.  Here two side chairs of very different style really stand out and bring attention to themselves because they are two different styles.

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Here, the black and gold baroque wallpaper is an unexpected surprise in a room of modern furnishings.
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House tours from Domino


An oldie but a goodie – a classic Domino post!

As part of my ongoing series of posts honoring our late friend Domino, I now bestow upon you some lovely house tours we all came to look forward to every month. *sigh* Enjoy.

Mary McDonald’s “Tom Jones rock” inspired kitchen. I like the typography plates.

Kathryn Ireland’s rustic style home. I love the humble bathroom, and the console in the kitchen with the dishes stowed underneath.

Actress Julianne Moore’s stab at interior decorating. I like some of the choices she made – not all my style, but still pretty. I like the piece of drift wood on the radiator.

A rebuilt green home in New Orleans.

Domino style director Dara’s lovely white bedroom.

I love Amanda Peet’s down-to-earth, bohemian home. It’s so ethereal and filled with interesting, meaningful objects. I also love that you can tell that she had a hand in it. She didn’t just hire some designer to come in and make it look like a movie star’s home.