Wall Inspiration: Walls that Make A Statment


Wall Inspiration

Lately my eyes have been drawn to some great rooms that are making a statement and I am loving it! Whether they are bold, classy, or just downright elegant, it is nice to see someone take a chance and make something beautiful out of it.

This wallpaper would not be an immediate first choice for me but it definitely does make you stop and stare! Seeing it in this room really makes me love it more!
A wall of windows is always eye-catching. The bold choice of black makes it stand out even more and I think it was a great choice.
Another non traditional wall paper in a room you wouldn’t expect! Since bathrooms are small I tend to do with less is more in these areas but since the wallpaper has a lot of white space it really works here! I also like the simplicity of the color scheme.
stunning headboard / eclectic bedroom
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Upholstery tacks are often seen on furniture, seeing it as a wall decor statement is something I’ve never considered.

What about painting the trim to match the walls?
via Pottery Barn

Or making a small space really pop with a graphic wallpaper?
via Martha O’Hara

Do you have a different idea for a wall statement?

Light airy house: Tour this home full of gorgeous antiques


House Tour

This light airy house is so subtly glamorous and elegant, but the classic furniture in tougher textures keeps the place kid friendly…



The desk and chair are such a great pair but I never would have thought of putting them together


so pretty…


Event the breakfast table is elegant, but doesn’t look too fragile or dainty


The table and chairs are perfect


This home was designed by Sasha Adler and Lauren Gold of Nate Berkus Interiors.
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Handcrafted furniture – beauty, quality, and history


One of my favorite local artists is furniture maker Scott Alan Ewine. I was lucky enough to find him years ago when I was looking for a handmade, live edge coffee table.  He’s still busy in his Frederick, MD studio making gorgeous tables from locally-sourced wood.  Check out his latest masterpiece below.

Isn’t this white oak table gorgeous?  Another great aspect of his work it that he knows the story behind the wood that he uses.

About the table

This large white oak tree, almost 200 years old, had to come down as part of the new overpass being built on US 15 on the north side of Frederick.  The tree was taken down in July 2015 and has since been cut into slabs and kiln dried and has yielded over 30 nice slabs up to 40″ wide and over 11″ long.  I have started working through the stack and have made some large dining tables with turquoise inlaid in the natural voids in the wood.

You can see more of Scott Alan Ewine’s work, as well as contact him, on his website.

Creating a Unique Painted Floor


These days, wooden floors are all the rage, and there is a choice of colors, materials, types and prices to suit every situation and budget, from traditional solid wood floors made of the finest oak to modern engineered laminate that is even cheaper than carpet.

painted floor

However, some people can go through the entire range of wooden floor solutions at a supplier like Discount Flooring Depot, make their choice and then still decide that they need to add their own personal twist. Just take a look at these remarkable effects that designers in Russia have come up with using a solid wood floor and a pot of paint.

This has led to one of the most common questions from those with a flair for the unusual who wish to be unique. Can you paint a laminate floor?

So can you?

The short answer is that you can paint just about anything, as any unattended two-year-old will attest. Whether it is always a good idea is, however, another matter. As with so many DIY projects, it is all about preparation and detail. There are some examples of people who have tried to paint laminate floors and it has gone horribly wrong – this is usually because they fell into one of the following two elephant traps:

  • Failing to properly prepare the surface


  • Not using the right paint or primer

For the avoidance of doubt, painting a laminate floor is fraught with difficulty and danger, and is not for the faint hearted. But if you are determined to give it a try, read on.

painted floor

via BrittKingery

What do you need?

To paint a 500-square foot area, it will take you a good two days. Here’s what you are likely to need:

  • Around 10 litres of primer
  • Around 10 litres of floor paint – or possible more, depending on just how creative you plan to get
  • Around 10 litres of epoxy
  • Brushes and rollers
  • An orbital sander
  • Sand paper and other incidental items.

Preparation is key

Benjamin Franklin told us that in failing to prepare, we prepare to fail. Evidently, he painted a few floors in his time. You need a spotlessly clean surface to start on, so make sure you scrub and vacuum it several times. The paint is not going to look good on dirt and dog hairs.

painted floors

via Bright Green Door

Some suggest that you can prime straight onto the surface with nothing but a good clean, but you have a better chance of success if you scuff the wear layer of the floor, to create a key for the primer to adhere to.

What paint to use

One thing that is in no doubt is that you will need a good wood primer. Apply this first, and take your time over it. When you have an even, properly primed floor, you are ready to start on the top coat.

painted floors

via Pinterest

You will need a good quality paint that is specifically designed for floors. Do not use wall paint, as this will bubble up and not adhere properly.

painted floors

via One Kings Lane

At this stage, the world is your oyster in terms of colors and design. Good luck!

*this is a collaborative post

Interior Design Tips for Adding Versatility


Interior Design Tips

No sooner have we got the home looking perfect and summery than the days start getting shorter, and thoughts start to turn towards Thanksgiving. The temptation is to completely change the décor again, but that is not always practical. Here, we take a look at four design tips for adding versatility to your living space and making it perfect whatever the season.

Interior design tips

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Interior design tips

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Start with the doors

Every room has them, but they are often the last thing you think about when it comes to interior décor. The fact is, the choice of door sets a tone for the look of the entire room. A light wood finish gives a fresh, airy sense in the summer months, yet is still warm and inviting when the weather turns colder.

In a smaller room, white is a great choice, as it gives a better feeling of space, but be careful in larger rooms, as it can end up feeling cold and stark. That does not mean white should automatically be ruled out, but think about combining it with soft furnishings and perhaps wall hangings.

There is a huge variety of doors available, why not have a look here to see what would work best in your home?

Soft furnishings

Interior design tips

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Interior design tips

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When it comes to setting a theme without spending too much time or money, there is nothing like focusing on the soft furnishings. Everyone loves cushions, and it is so easy to change the covers from something pastel and bright in the summer to something warmer and darker in the winter.

However, it does not have to stop there. Also think about throws and blankets. In the summer, a white or stonewashed style throw over the back of the sofa gives that seaside feel. As the weather gets colder, change it for something thick and textured – perfect to snuggle under on a cold night.



Interior design tips

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A wooden basket is one of the most versatile accessories your room can have. In the summer, use it to store newspapers or magazines, and in the winter, it can become a log basket. Even if you don’t have an open fire, it is a great accessory to give your room that feel of being a sanctuary from the cold weather.

Think about what goes up on the walls too – those seascapes or wicker hangings that look great in the summer can be replaced by something warm and textured in the winter months. It is the work of five minutes, but makes a big difference.

Try a little Feng Shui

Interior design tips

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Interior design tips

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Some people go for years without moving a piece of furniture, but we say you should redesign the layout according to the seasons. In summer, you want an airy, more minimalist feel, and if you have large windows looking out onto the world, these should be the focus of your attention.

In winter, bring things together. Create more of an inward focus, on either the fireplace or, of course, the TV. It will feel like a completely different room.

*this is a collaborative post