Cat furniture with home design in mind and a great giveaway!

chic scratching post
Chic scratching post giveaway Yay! It's giveaway time and I'm so happy to offer our first giveaway of 2018.  This one is brought to you by Tuft + Paw. I think that you cat-lovers out there will be blown away by their gorgeous (and eco-conscious!) products.  There mission reads as: Our mission is to provide beautiful, well made furniture for housecats...

A Modern Clutter-Free Home

modern clutter-free home
Modern and Clutter-Free Do I have your attention?  Who doesn't want a modern clutter-free home that reflects your family's passions, memories, and lifestyle. The house below is work of designer Shirley Meisels of MHouse. The family purchased the 1940s 2,200-square-foot home after it had been gutted and had a two story extension added. Don't let looks fool you, the furniture was...

Amazingly chic home offices

chic home office
Since I've been on maternity leave, I've started going back to work gradually, but it's really hard to be productive since I've "been away" so long.  It also doesn't help that my office has become purgatory for all of our baby paperwork and stuff we've had to move to make way for the gear that's come with baby #2. ...

Real interiors that are contemporary and fresh

contemporary interiors transitional living room
Contemporary interiors Maybe I'm way behind the times, but I just recently stumbled across the blog for Scout & Nimble, which for some reason is offline today - but luckily I saved some photos to share with you.  Their main website -, also has tons of great interior eye candy including portfolios, designers, and products.  Below are what I consider...

Why It’s Important to Make Repairs Before You Start Decorating

redecorating ideas
Whether you are planning to decorate your new house, redecorate your old home, or trying to tidy up the property before selling it away, it is of the utmost importance in all situations to make the necessary repairs first. In case you are wondering why it is so, there are actually multiple reasons and we will discuss the most...

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