4 Top Gas Fireplaces for Your Home


Fireplaces are synonymous with the idea of home, comfort, safety and warmth. Simply mentioning the word conjures up an image of a cosy setting where you get to grab a snack, curl up on a sofa, queue up some entertainment and just enjoy yourself. It is undoubtedly a visceral reaction, and it plays a significant role in the popularity of fireplaces. Perhaps that is why more and more homeowners are looking to buy and install a heater in the home.

Bright designed living room with firework
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When they were first invented, fireplaces primarily used wood as a source of energy. However, with the advent of technology, there are now four primary types of heaters: wood-burning, electric, ethanol and gas. While wood stoves are still widely used today, the other types continue to grow in popularity. This scenario is more so evident in the case of gas fireplaces.

There are many benefits of using gas fireplaces for your home. Other than efficiency and cleanliness, they are also easy to use. Design is another particular advantage of opting for a gas fireplace. One reason for the reluctance to switch away from wood heaters is an unwillingness to let go of the aesthetic appeal of burning wood. Therefore, to speak to this preference, fireplace designers have managed to develop gas heaters that can mimic the appearance of a wood-burning stove. Such advancements have proven so welcome that hesitancy continues to drop.

If you have done your research and have concluded that a gas fireplace is the right type for you, here are 4 top gas fireplaces for the home that you can choose from.

Lopi 864 Clean Face 40K GS2

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This fireplace is built for maximum output. The Lopi 864 Clean Face merges the traditional type of gas fireplaces with high heat levels – such power makes it ideal for use in large spaces. However, if need be, you can turn the heat output down to accommodate a smaller area, making it suitable for a wide range of places as well.

In terms of design, Lopi 864 Clean Face 40K GS2 is certainly not lacking. You have the option to decline using louvres or grills for a minimalist aesthetic. Additionally, it features a large ceramic glass frontage that allows for a greater viewing area and more radiant heat being released into the room. Finally, for the coup de grace, this gas fireplace has multiple levels of flame control to facilitate flame variations to suit both the temperature and the mood. If you wish, you may even use the accent lighting without turning on the flame.

Lopi ProBuilder 42 Linear GSB

The ProBuilder 42 is a model created with value for money in mind. It provides more heat to the home with lower overall energy costs. Furthermore, this model avails you of more perks and features than most other fireplaces of the same type in the market today. Additionally, the ProBuilder is built to last so that you can get years of use out of it.

If your ideal design style falls into the sleek and contemporary category, then the ProBuilder 42 is the fireplace for you. Its face is made to showcase the dancing flames within while providing ample amounts of heat. As a bonus, you can ask about including the CoolSmart Wall. It is a handy piece of technology that allows you to mount a picture, painting or television at a lower point above the fireplace without risking damage.

Lopi Radiant Plus Large GSB

Room with library, sofa, coffee table and firework
Used with permission of Jenny Keenan

The Lopi Radiant Plus Large GSB is your solution to making that switch from wood burning to gas. It is an insert that is designed to fit into an existing fireplace. This model works very well in large spaces; the engineering behind it enables the heater to provide both radiant and convection heat to warm every corner of your home. It also features a GreenSmart Basic System that facilitates easy ignition.

The Radiant Plus embodies the philosophy that you can have a practical fireplace without losing the compelling visuals of a wood-burning fire. Its display gives a stunningly realistic imitation of the conventional wood fire making this fireplace a great addition to every room.

Lopi Cypress GS2

This model is a freestanding type that is a departure from the typical wall mounted fireplaces. However, this difference does not make it any less effective. It still gives off plenty of heat using an Ember-Fyre burner that will not disappoint. What’s more, it is fitted with three glass panes that allow for a great view when it is on.

As you can see, choosing a gas fireplace does not have to be an exercise in settling for what you can get. You can always find something that suits your tastes while simultaneously meeting all your heating needs.

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