How to Find Affordable – but Stylish – Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets,  are expensive, and it can be tough finding cheaper models that are still decent quality. While the search for inexpensive kitchen cabinets (as well as garage cabinets) is hard, it’s not impossible—you can get the kitchen you want without breaking the bank. The kitchen cabinets you choose will depend on where you buy them, their material, and the cabinetry category.

Kitchen with grey kitchen cabinet
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Cabinets made of MDF, particleboard, or other synthetic materials will be much more affordable than cabinets made of solid wood, but the quality can drop off quickly. You’ll need to research extensively into the exact cabinet you want. Material quality will determine your cabinets’ longevity and durability, though, so this is one area you do not want to skimp on in the remodeling process.

Pre-Made Cabinetry vs. Custom

 If you purchase pre-assembled cabinets online or at a big box store, it’s usually much cheaper than paying to have custom cabinets manufactured and installed. You’ll find a wide range of white kitchen cabinets, grey kitchen cabinets, and all levels of wood cabinets pre-assembled. If you can’t live without a little personalized flair on your cabinetry, you can splurge on customizing your purchase.

Kitchen sink and kitchen cabinet
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Cabinet pulls and hardware can range widely in cost.  The difference is due to its material and scale of production. Cast brass will run you a lot more money than a cheaper metal, like aluminum. Make sure you know what material your hardware consists of, and you should be able to find the right hardware for your cabinetry – and your budget.

Cabinet Faces 

Some Shaker kitchen cabinets and slab cabinetry can be on the lower end of the price spectrum, but if you want styles like glass panel cabinetry, it will cost you much more. It can be helpful to list out all of the components in your kitchen vision, down to the last detail. That way, you can itemize each component’s price and if it is worth it to include.

Ready-to-Assemble vs. Assembled

If you are handy, you can save a lot by assembling and installing RTA cabinets yourself. These cabinets come to your door pre-drilled, ready for you to piece them together and install them wherever you need to in your kitchen or bathroom. You’ll save money on shipping costs, as they take up less space than a pre-assembled cabinet, too.

Grey and white kitchen cabinet
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Paying professionals to install your cabinets ensures that they are precisely put in, but it will squeeze your budget quickly. If you have friends or family that are handy and willing to help you, you can hold onto high expenses that otherwise would go to the experts.

Find your Cabinets Online

Kitchen cabinet companies offer a vast range of quality and cost. Visit Walcraft, Kitchen Craft Cabinets, Valley Cabinets, or RTA Cabinet Supply (just to name a few) to make sure you’re getting a good product. The online experience is often superior to trying to find quality cabinets in a busy, sparsely stocked store.

With a little research and a lot of patience, you should be able to find the stylish and affordable cabinets you seek. Thanks to for consulting.


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