10 Tips on Creating a Cosy and Safe Home


A home with cosy spots, good safety measures and familiar objects is a perfect place for you to spend your downtime. All it takes is a little effort and creativity to make your place feel like your own. The feeling of being cosy and safe come hand in hand, as they provide us with the freedom to truly relax, from comfy pillows for sleep to investing in a burglar alarm.

You can buy new gadgets that will make your home more entertaining, but a lack of security against break-ins or fires will ruin the fun and leave you feeling on edge. The knowledge that your valuables are safely secure in your home will bring you comfort and add to the cosiness of your property. Here are a few tips that will help your home feel comfier and safer.

1. Buy a Burglar Alarm

Feel safe and comfortable in your home by installing a burglar alarm, which will deter thieves and alert you if someone’s on the property. A motion sensor alarm is particularly good at preventing burglaries as they ward off thieves before they break into your home. They are the ultimate way to feel safe at home, as you’ll relax knowing that no one will break in.

Hall looking to white entrance door
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2. Create a Cosy Corner

Sometimes you want somewhere to snuggle up that feels familiar, safe and cosy. A cosy corner is a safe space you can relax with a book. Add some fairy lights, pillows and a chair. Remember to personalise the corner, such as having a plant or bookshelf. To feel relaxed, it’s good to surround yourself with things you love, so we recommend adding some framed photos of loved ones.

3. Lock the Doors

This seems like a simple one, but a lot of people often forget to lock every door in their house, especially if they’re home. Make sure that all the doors are locked so a burglar can’t stroll in whilst you’re watching TV. For extra safety, add bolts, multiple locks, or video bell, as this will make you feel more in control of who you let in.

4. Add Light with Lamps

Overhead lights can seem too bright at night time, so opt for lamps instead. A lamp will light up dark corners that feel gloomy and scary. Add lamps to your living room for a cosier feel, but make sure to pick one that matches your interior design. Choose the ultimate bedroom light that suits your needs, like a warm lamp on your bedside table or a desk lamp.

Living room with green couch, table and lights
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5. Clean up Clothes

It’s been proven that a messy house can create more stress and discomfort. So, clean up those piles of clothes on your bedroom floor. This will give you more space to do activities, like yoga, which will contribute greatly to your comfort. Also, piles of clothes are a fire hazard, as they create dust which makes them great fuel in a fire.

6. Introduce Plants and Pets

Bring life to your house with plants and pets. A plant will bring positivity, colour and freshness to your house, which will ultimately provide cosiness. If you’re up for looking after an animal, a pet is a great companion, as they improve mental health and help with loneliness. They will help you feel cosy and safe, as burglars are less likely to break in if you have a dog.

7. Put Rugs on Hard Floors

A rug will bring a room together and will make it feel less cold and therefore cosier.  A rug will add warmth and texture, so place your rug in a suitable area. Also, hard floors can be a safety hazard as you’re more likely to slip and hurt yourself, so a rug is a great way to add style whilst making your home a safer place, especially for children. 

Cozy living room with green couch, rug, chairs, bookshelf and chandelier
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8. Carefully Pick Curtains

Old fashioned, tired-looking curtains can make a place look dull and lifeless. Update your curtains to suit your interior design by matching them with cushions. This will make your place look cosier and more inviting at night-time. Also, be careful where you hang long curtains. Don’t put them close to fires and don’t put candles close to them, as they catch fire quickly.

9. Hang Art and Photos

Make your house a home by personalising it to your taste. Hang paintings that bring you joy and comfort. For a cheaper option, you can even frame posters you love, which brings class to the place. To help you feel relaxed, frame photos of loved ones and put them about the house, so if you’re ever feeling lonely you have a photo to remind you of loving memories.

Couch with images on the wall above it
Used with permission of Melanie Gowen

10. Secure Your Windows

Make sure you’re safe at home by shutting windows. Unfortunately, burglars can climb through windows, even if they’re not downstairs. Before going to bed make sure they’re securely closed. Also, for extra security, you can buy window bars and grills. Alternatively, if you don’t want to alter the aesthetic, invest in security cameras to put near your windows. You can now access security footage from your phone!    

Snuggle Up and Enjoy…

Once you have taken measures to secure your home and decorate your rooms, you can then sit back and enjoy your home in peace. Your home holds all your valuables, so it’s essential to be able to go to bed in the comfort that they are safe. Pick some of these steps to help you feel more relaxed and ready to enjoy a home wherever you are based.

With just a few of these suggestions, you can snuggle under a blanket and watch a film at home without your mind panicking that someone’s going to break into your property. Likewise, if you’ve decided to go on a much-deserved vacation, then having a secure house will prevent you from worrying about your valuables whilst you’re away.

Go on holiday, or stay at home in the comfort that you’ve taken precautions to protect your property because every house can become a home. Thanks to the companies linked to above for consulting.


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