5 Lawn Care Tasks You Shouldn’t DIY


Maintaining a lush, green lawn seems like it should be simple. Just water, mow, and let nature take over the rest. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple, and many well-meaning homeowners inadvertently make things worse.

Lawn trouble usually occurs when a homeowner tries to solve a problem, such as weeds and pests. Without expert knowledge and the right tools and techniques, it’s easy to spend more time and money than necessary, or even cause more damage to the grass. This begins an endless cycle that only ends in frustration — and often a damaged or dead lawn.

That’s not to say that homeowners should never attempt to care for grass on their own, but there are few tasks that are much better left to professional lawn care services. Letting the pros tackle these issues ensures they are done right the first time, and saves a great deal of time, energy, and money.

Leave These Lawn Care Tasks to the Lawn Service


Every lawn should be fed but knowing exactly when to feed and how much is a science. Too little fertilizer, and your grass will not get the nutrition it needs. Too much, and you could burn the grass and have to start over. Even using the wrong kind of fertilizer can damage your lawn or end up being a waste of money.

Professional lawn experts are experienced in working with fertilizer and will carefully evaluate the lawn to determine exactly which nutrients it needs and when. They will also apply it safely and correctly, keeping your family and pets safe. Read more about lawn fertilizer services to find the right service for your lawn.

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Soil Testing

Testing the soil before planting anything in your yard — whether grass seed, a vegetable garden, or landscape plants — is key to knowing exactly which nutrients are present and what the soil needs to support healthy growth. Without the right nutrient balance, it’s all but impossible to achieve the results you want.

Many garden centers offer home soil testing kits, but usually these DIY kits only provide limited information about the health of your soil. There is also a wide margin for error, if you don’t properly collect and test the sample. For more accurate results, have your lawn service test the soil, or deliver a sample to your local university extension or testing service. Armed with more in-depth information, you can make better decisions about soil amendments and how to care for your lawn.

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Treating Weeds and Pests

The best way to deal with weeds is to keep them out of your lawn to start with. Applying a pre-emergent weed killer can help with this, preventing weed seeds from germinating, but many commercially available pre-emergent only manage select types of weeds. If you have additional varieties, or you treat the wrong type, then you’ll end up with a yard full of weeds anyway.

Working with a lawn service such as Orange County Landscaping Pros to identify and treat weeds, as well as lawn pests like grubs, chinch bugs, and moles, is more effective — and safer. Many herbicides and pesticides are toxic and can be harmful to humans and pets if not used properly. Leaving the treatments to the professionals, who often have safer methods of managing weeds, is a better choice.

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Diagnosing and Treating Disease

Fungus and other diseases can wreak havoc on your lawn, eventually killing all of the grass if left untreated. Because many common diseases look similar, though, diagnosing the problem in your yard may require a more experienced eye. Misdiagnosing the problem will cause you to waste time and money on incorrect treatment and may do more harm to the lawn.

If you suspect your lawn is diseased — there are dead patches, areas with fungus or discoloration, or other issues, call in the professionals to handle the problem. You’ll be assured of a correct diagnosis, and have your lawn looking healthy sooner.

Handling Irrigation System Issues

If you have a built-in irrigation system to water the grass, it’s always best to call in the professionals if you have trouble with it. Attempting DIY repairs if you do not have the right experience can cause more damage and may even void any warranties or service programs. If the problem is more than simple troubleshooting can manage, leave it to an experienced technician.

Leaving these tasks to the pros will keep your lawn healthy and lush, and in most cases, save you money in the long run. Keep the number for your lawn pros handy and let them deal with the challenging tasks. Thanks to Lawn Doctor for consulting


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