How to Remodel Your Home on A Budget


If staying indoors at your home or condo during the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to highlight some of the areas of your house that you wish were improved, now could be the time to act! With so much extra time indoors, you’re sure to be able to make the time and space necessary to do a great job and get your home in tip-top shape.

With the economic future of many uncertain, it’s important that you finance your remodeling work responsibly. Here are a few tips to keep costs low even as you’re transforming your house into the space of your dreams.

Be smart about your loan.

Getting a loan to finance part of your home remodeling job can be a great way to stay financially stable while you’re focusing on improving your home. This is because while it may be foolhardy to spend $20,000 of your savings right now, repaying a $20,000 loan at only $500 a month is much less likely to cause problems in your monthly budget.

That said, you don’t want to be paying off your renovations ten years from now, especially if interest rates mean that you’re going to pay more for the remodel than it will add in value to your home. Use a loan repayment calculator in order to better understand how much a loan will truly cost you when all is said and down.

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Focus on function first.

While it may be tempting to get flashy with your remodel in an attempt to get your house looking like it belongs in an edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the most useful renovations are the ones that increase and improve the functionality of your home. Prioritizing these sorts of jobs, especially during a period when you’re spending so much time indoors, is going to do wonders for your peace of mind and enjoyment.

Even if you love the idea of upgrading everything in your kitchen, if your appliances still work properly, maybe adding that second bathroom your family so desperately needs is something you should place higher on your renovation list. This ultimately comes down to personal preference, but focusing on function allows you to view things through a lens that has more to do with usefulness than style and looks.

Don’t replace what can be repaired.

Sometimes, you may be tempted to just replace an appliance or feature of your home completely when really all it needs is a simple fix. While this may be the less satisfying way of doing things, it’s the ideal way to save money on a remodel. After all, it’s silly to spend extra money replacing something when it can be fixed for a fraction of the price.

Just as a plumber can determine what’s wrong with your sink or shower, garage door repair companies are able to ensure that your garage door is functioning smoothly. The right company can save you money and help you build a stronger, more reliable garage door so that you don’t have to worry about a broken garage door spring or faulty garage door opener ever again.

DIY your style.

While things like roofing and garage door repair are best suited to professionals, there are plenty of interior design and decorating projects that you can do yourself. Painting rooms is something that can easily be done for the cost of two buckets of paint and some brushes and rollers, saving you hundreds, if not thousands, on a fresh paint job.

Self-adhesive wallpaper is another easy and elegant way to add design to a room without breaking the bank. Keep these sorts of techniques in mind as you calculate how much you need to take out for your renovation loan so that you save as much as possible in the process. Thanks to RW Garage Doors for consulting


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