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Since I work from home, I tend to love posting pictures of inspiration for home offices. A few of my friends have rented space or work in a shared office setting and were struggling with ideas to make it feel more like home!
Hang a piece of gridded wire above your desk to keep pictures and inspiration visible.:
So what’s my advice for making it feel more like home? Find great additions that aren’t permanent that create the ambiance of home. Pictures and desk accessories are an easy budget friendly addition.
Estacoes de trabalho fantasticos:
If you can add some plants and a couch. Bring home to you! An area rug, a lamp, pretty much anything can make you feel more at home.
Think outside the box! Get a desk that suits you instead of just using something more traditional or what the office already has. Bringing small pieces of furniture of your own for shelving, storage, or just simply decoration can make it unique to you.
Work it Out: Using Feng Shui in the Office  Because we spend so many hours at the office, it’s important to incorporate feng shui health tips (not just productivity tips) into the office layout and décor. Here are some other ideas to complete your successful feng shui office space.:
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If you are bound to what’s available, get away from the wall! Put your desk in the center of the room so you don’t feel like you are boxed in.
Make it inviting! Add some curtains, a blanket, a throw pillow! Anything to give the room some comfort and charm.
What would you do if you had your own office space away from home?
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