Inspiration for your outdoor space (if Spring ever gets here!)


We are officially four days into spring, and even though we’ve barely felt the warm temperatures around here, I can’t help but daydream of what I would love to be doing to our outdoor space! We moved into our home last year mid summer and didn’t really get a chance to enjoy spring. Here’s some inspiration I’ve found that I’d love to incorporate in my outdoor area:

How gorgeous is this outdoor space?! I love this so much. I can't wait to design our deck ... It will be so fun to pick out outdoor furniture.

via designsponge

I like the idea of having some of outdoor space covered for really hot days so I can still enjoy the outdoors in the shade!

love this

via potterybarn

Although we aren’t near the beach, I love the driftwood used as decor, and the big throw pillows for a homey feel.  And check out that giant clamshell planter!

French doors to raised deck

via interiormagasinet

The huge potted plants are stunning in this space. It makes a great sense of privacy for the table and chairs while also being beautiful.

This space doesn’t need a lot of words, that outdoor kitchen…dreamy

via Pinterest via Chic Coastal Living

Love the container gardens…I just wish I had the luck to keep them alive.
via Pinterest

I really like outdoor spaces that feel like the indoors.  This space is like an outdoor living room.
via Pinterest

Wow. Just gorgeous! I'll take the whole shebang

via tumblr

There’s something about large outdoor curtains that scream luxury to me! The bring a little of the indoor out, great for privacy, and creating shade when you need it.

What plans do you have for your outdoor space this season?


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